Top EHR / EMR Software List 2023!

Practice Mate EHR Software is the ideal solution for mental health providers. It lets users set their default diagnosis and procedure codes, and it lets users enter charges directly from the scheduler. In addition, the system allows office personnel to enter patient information, and then the medical biller can do the rest.


Paradigm in Practice Mate EHR Software is a single-product solution that combines an EHR and practice management system. Its integrated approach eliminates the need for double-entry of data. Its customizable templates and streamlined navigation allow for ease of use and productivity.

Practice Mate is a cloud-based medical practice management solution that is suitable for small and mid-size practices and multiple offices. It offers many useful features such as the ability to create and manage appointments, send insurance claims, and create patient statements. It’s free to use, and includes a claims submission service that can submit claims to over 5,000 insurance companies.

The data transformation rules are based on the ISARIC-WHO information model. They were validated by a clinical team. As part of a multipurpose approach, the rules can be easily modified to suit different EHR-derived models. The only changes required are the temporality and values of interest. The resulting EHR-derived data extracts conform to ISARIC-WHO standards and can be used by consumers and stored in shared repositories.


Praxis Mate EHR Software and its Features are designed to support the needs of small and mid-sized medical practices. It can store and analyze patient data and can also communicate with patients through its automated technology. It has numerous features, including a patient portal, a streamlined workflow, and clinical practice guidelines. These tools can help you improve patient care and save time.

Praxis EMR helps you create custom reports and documents. It does not rely on templates and allows physicians to create documents and reports in their own style. This means no more endless typing and clicking. This makes the process much easier. The software will also make charting much more natural. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface helps physicians’ chart more easily and accurately.

A unique feature of the Praxis EMR is its AI-powered Agents. Agents automate tasks for medical staff, including charting appointments and sending reminders. In addition, agents can also store relevant patient information and medical data. They can also be accessed when a new patient with a similar case comes in.


If you’re looking for an affordable EHR solution, DrChrono is the right choice for you. It offers basic EMR and practice management tools, as well as more advanced features. It is designed to help small and new practices grow. DrChrono is HIPAA-compliant and offers several pricing plans to fit your practice’s budget.

The software also supports patient communication and offers a scheduling tool. It also has a Kiosk mode, which lets patients sign forms and answer background questions electronically. All information is secure, because the software complies with HIPAA regulations and employs government-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

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The software also enables users to send and receive faxes. This makes sharing patient medical history much easier and more convenient. Users can also fax clinical notes to colleagues. However, DrChrono requires that you have a unique fax number. Other features of DrChrono include drawing tools for creating diagrams and descriptive sketches. Additionally, it allows users to annotate images and photographs.