There are many types of travelers. Some seek adventure, others seek peace, and some travel to explore. All travelers want to have a great experience. A memorable stay is the best way to create memories. We have the perfect stay for you!


  • Hosteller Bir
  • The bunker hostel
  • Hipotel Bir
  • Bir is your stop
  • Whoppers hostel
  • Hill View Hostel
  • Trippy tribe
  • Flyscape hostel


Stay near Himachal Pradesh’s beautiful mountains. The hosteller offers a comfortable, spacious and warm stay with wi-fi. There is also a restaurant on the premises and parking available for free. Every room has a balcony that overlooks the mountains. You can also store your luggage and they offer housekeeping services such as laundry, ironing and housekeeping. This place offers a unique experience. It is not permitted to entertain guests under 18 years of age.


Enjoy a sustainable, environmentally-friendly stay with stunning views. The bunker can be found 2.3km from the centre of Bir. Each room has a balcony that offers views of the mountains. There are outdoor amenities like a terrace, a BBQ area, and an outdoor fireplace. You can also enjoy many other activities such as cycling, hiking, movie nights, bike tours, and live music. This is a great place to meet new people if you’re traveling alone.


For a colourful and fun trip, choose a hostel that is colorful. Some units also include a safety deposit box. You can also access free wi-fi throughout their property from the restaurant or garden. You can rent a car from the hotel to explore the surrounding areas. You can also use the photocopying and fax facilities if you’re on a business trip.

Bir at goSTOPS

A relaxing and comfortable stay in a great atmosphere. They have facilities that are accessible to disabled guests, which is a great thing. Pet owners don’t have to worry about their pets being allowed here. They offer soundproof rooms, lockers and a safe-deposit mailbox, as well as fax and copy machines, ironing and daily housekeeping. Access to their outdoor swimming pool is possible. You can also do activities such as hiking, biking rental, walking tours, darts, and more. Parking is not possible here.


Do you want to go to ‘CENTRAL CAFE? If you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S lover, this place is worth celebrating. The hostel has a great infrastructure and a beautiful garden. You won’t find everything you want in a hostel: clean and comfortable rooms, friendly staff and fun activities. All of this is possible here. You can enjoy activities such as billiards and hiking, biking tours, cycling tours, live music performances, and movie nights.


Hostel with paragliding equipment at a fair price. It is located 0.2km from the city center. The best food and a beautiful sunset view. They offer a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and a shared lounge. Their wi-fi is free. You can take the bus to and from the hostel anytime you want, as the hostel is located near the bus stop. You can also rent a car. You can also get a hair dryer and a kettle.


The hostel is situated in the country, surrounded by Himalayan mountains. The Bir bus stop is just a few minutes away by walking. You can reach the Bir bus stand in a quiet atmosphere. There is free wifi throughout the property. It’s also a 10-minute walk to HP paragliding Bir billing. You can also park your vehicle here. Breakfast is available at an additional charge. There is also a female-only dorm. A bicycle can be rented. They do not offer business services.


The hostel is situated in Kangra, Bir at 2.7kms from the city center. This is the second-best paragliding spot in the world. This is the ideal place for those who love privacy. This room has a balcony that offers a spectacular view. You can enjoy services such as games, indoor play area lockers, barbecue facilities, parking, laundry and faxing.


It is situated 2.1km from the city center. The rooms have private bathrooms with showers. You can enjoy a vegetarian breakfast. You will find safety features such as a terrace and garden view. You can enjoy activities such as hiking, movie nights and walking tours.