What is BA-LLB? Why BA-LLB? Top Institutes

Law can be defined as a set of regulations established by the government to regulate the behaviour of individuals and groups within a community. Criminology, corporate law, intellectual property rights (IPR), and many more areas of law are available for study. Students must choose an excellent college from which to earn their legal degree in order to pursue a career in the field of law.In order to choose a job option, students spend countless hours each day exploring their interests. If you have decided to pursue a career in law, you should enrol in the best college that meets your needs, as a solid career in law is virtually guaranteed with a degree from a reputable institution.

Young people today are attracted to the area of law because of the variety of job alternatives available, such as litigation, mediation, arbitration, etc. This subject is attracting an increasing number of students, and a solid foundation must be laid by attending a respected and reputable college.in my opinion Vikrant Institute is the top law colleges in gwalior.

Why should you choose  BA-LLB 

You’ll need lots of perseverance and persuasive talents to succeed in law and also you need the best college vitm is best law colleges in gwalior. To pursue a profession in law or to become a successful lawyer, one must be committed and work hard. Those who are in their first generation of law practise have unique challenges as do all other professionals. Training under a Senior Counsel at the beginning of one’s career makes the transition much more seamless. A newcomer’s inability to produce on their own is not acceptable. When you combine preserves with hard effort, anything is achievable. Lawyers must have excellent communication skills, as well as critical thinking and articulation abilities.

What is BA-LLB

An integrated professional degree in humanities and law across five years, the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law is a five-year study. Five years and ten semesters of study make up the five-year course of study. A wide range of law subjects, such as public international law and intellectual property law are included in this integrated bachelor’s degree programme, along with minors in sociology, economics and English.

The following are some of the topics that are covered:-

  • Principles and Practices of Business Management.
  • Constitutional Law
  • Fundamentals of Business Organization
  • Managerial Economics

In this course, you’ll learn more than just what you’d learn in class. The simulated court drills and case studies are arranged in a consistent manner with the academic lectures, making the time spent on this course engaging. In this course, students will gain expert knowledge and a unique perspective on the subject matter in order to be successful. It encourages students to think critically and creatively in order to come up with creative solutions to the aforementioned legal issues.

BA LLB occupations include the following:-

  • Consultancies in the Revenue
  • State Police Departments
  •  government agencies
  • BA LLB has a wide range of career options, including working for excise departments, and other organisations that pay good salaries.

Why BA-LLB? 

This degree offers a wide number of professional choices, including employment with excise departments, government organisations, and other businesses that pay well.As a result of such credentials, a professional can choose between a career in the arts or in law.

The B.A. and L.L.B. are both three-year courses, however combining the two will allow you to gain more practical experience while studying. Economics, State Economics, and their legal implementation are only a few of the topics that can be drilled into by the persons in the course. One can also work with the United Nations as a Research and Legal Advisor, collaborating with some of the best NGOs.

  • Bachelor of Laws with a Major in Law (BA LLB) was created to give students with thorough knowledge of the Indian legal system. If you want to become a lawyer, work in legal education, or help the community through legal issues, this is a must-take course.
  • As long as you use strong thinking and arguments, you will be able to cope with a variety of legal problems.
  • Aspirants with great evaluative and analytical skills may do well in this course. Variables like complicated reasoning and problem-solving capabilities will be enhanced as well as thinking abilities.
  • LLM and other professional law certificate courses or degrees are also available for those who choose to pursue a post-secondary education in this area.

BA LLB Specializations

There are no proper specializations in BA LLB. However, courses selected in the last few sem. and electives can conclude your specialization.

International Trade Law, IT Law, Investment Law, International Banking and Finance, etc., are some of the options available for study.

After completing your BA LLB, you can pursue one of the following LLM specialisations:

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Human Rights
  • Business Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Labour Laws
  • Corporate Law

Top Institutes

  • Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
  • National Law School of India Univ. (NLSIU), Bangalore
  • Gujarat National Law University (GNLU)
  • Symbiosis Society’s Law College (SSLC), Pune
  • The Vikrant Group of Institutions