Top 10 Medical Coding Courses in India

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Medical Coding Course in India online as well as offline. This is a 26 module course with 3 complementary modules for soft skill development, resume writing and human anatomy and physiology. 

The courses are conducted in batches and are taught by industry experts with more than 15 years of experience. 

The classes are conducted in batches with self-paced courses, live online classroom, one-on-one training and corporate training available for the learners. The classes consist of 90 hours of live interactive online sessions with 100% practical training.

The learners get e-learning access to the tools and techniques, video content, assessments and more. 

By the end of this course, the learners get the extensive knowledge on the medical terminologies and their usage, common medical abbreviation, symbols, coding process, extensive knowledge of V-codes, E-codes and much more. The curriculum of this course also covers all aspects of medical coding such as CPT, HCPCS, helping the learners to crack the CPC exam.

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IGMPI offers a post graduate diploma in medical coding. This course consists of 13 modules including case studies and can be completed over the span of a year. The learner must be a graduate in, B.Sc in microbiology, life sciences,botany, zoology, food science, food technology, BE, B.Pharma, MBBS, BDS, BHS or any other discipline can apply for this course. 

The learners are provided with the study materials for all modules and the materials are appropriate for the current industry expectation. The online classes for all the modules are conducted on the weekends with additional doubt clearing sessions conducted before examination. These interactive or live online sessions are conducted covering all the key areas of the programme. 

The faculty makes sure the learners understand the concepts clearly. Assessments and evaluations are conducted to enhance the skills for the learners. This is a credit-based system and the learners have to complete each module as each module has separate credits that add up and one must earn all those credits to complete the programme. After successful completion, the learners will obtain the Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Coding.


Udemy offers a lot of options for the Medical Coding Courses in India. Some of the courses include- A speciality approach to learning medical billing and coding, Medical coding: ICD-10-CM guidelines for coding, Medical coding CPC (Certified Professional Coder) training, Medical coding: ICD-10-CM essentials, Medical coding: ICD-10-CM diagnosis code training and much more.

Each course consists of its own course syllabus with their own lectures arranged in separate sections. The lectures are in video format and pre-recorded. Each course has its own on-demand video hours, downloadable resources, assignments and the learners have the full lifetime access to the course. 

The course is taught by professionals with several years of experience in the field. The learners will get the certificate of completion at the end of the course. One can purchase as many courses as they wish.


AAPC provides the best in Medical Billing and Medical Coding Courses in India and they have been doing this for more than 30 years. The classes are available online and in the classroom.They also offer several budget-friendly payment methods on their certification courses. 

The completion of the AAPC certification training program takes approximately from 6 months to a year to complete. The online medical coding program offers the flexibility and comfort of learning to the learners. The certified experts coaches will be available to clear the doubts and since this mode of learning is self paced,it is convenient for the learners. 

The classroom training they provide is taught by AAPC- trained and approved instructors. The course syllabus is pre-structured to keep the learners engaging and keep them on track. The learners will get personalized training and guidance. Certificate is provided at the end of the course.

Elate Academy

Elate Academy is the first AAPC approved medical coding institute in India. They help the learners become a professional coder in the industry. They provide the best Medical Coding Courses in India. They provide online learning through the AAPC portal with flexible learning options. The course teaches the fundamentals of medical coding and helps the learners prepare for the certification. 

The online training has the best-structured study modules with the experts training and with the online training portals filled with study materials, mock tests (1000+), powerpoint presentations, interactive lectures (1000+) are available for the learners. 

Also the learners get a free externship for one month after the completion of the course.


CIGMA is approved by AAPC and they offer the Medical Coding Courses in India. The learners are taught by the experienced professionals in the field and can ensure in clearing all the doubts from the learners. The learning is a step-by-step process with 8 modules including the mock tests, AAPC exam preparation, software training and more for the medical coding & billing course.They provide both online and classroom training for the course with AAPC exclusive curriculum and are trained by the AAPC-trained and approved instructors. 

This program adheres to the American Academy of Professional Coders Association’s (AAPC) approval criteria for doing certification programmes. The learners will get the complete course materials, hands-on practice, textbooks and everything needed to complete the course is included and provided. 

They train, certify and provide the learners with resources and assistance to gain employment.


SIMCA provides several separate courses covering various topics on the Medical Coding Courses in India. Some of the courses include Basic medical coding, Medical terminology, Certified procedural coding course and much more. The training is conducted online and the certification course is approved by the AAPC.

 The coachings at SIMCA are at AAPC standards with the curriculum including the current updates and the trainers are AAPC certified as well. Through the courses, the learners get the knowledge of basic concepts, guidelines, principles and ethics of medical coding. They offer both online and classroom training and the courses can be completed within a short amount of time. The classes are scheduled and are conducted within the given time frames. 

Classes are conducted on weekdays and weekend classes are available as well. Books, mock exam materials, online tests and coding assignments are made available to the learners.

Bio Tec Nika

Bio Tec Nika offers courses in medical coding basics online training program. One can purchase this course online. This is a self learning certification course. This is a training program and is career oriented. The course is of international quality and the learners get unlimited lifetime access to the course. 

The learners can get guidance and support from the experts 24/7. This course is for beginners as well as the experienced. The life science graduates, post graduates, B.Pharm graduates, Engineering graduates, Nursing graduates and related graduates are eligible for applying to this course. Introduction to the healthcare system, history of medical insurance and medical coding, coding books, coding categories for different topics, evaluation and management codes are some of the topics covered in this course. The course is completed in order and when completed one can move to complete the certification test. To test the knowledge, an evaluation test is at the end of the course.


Medesun offers several courses including medical coding, medical billing, ICD-10 and much more. The classes are conducted in batches and are taught by experienced instructors. They offer classroom training as well as online training. They offer three options for the classroom training each varying with the duration of the courses and the certifications. In classroom training, the students get one-on-one focus, practice sessions, extended study hours and more. 

Training materials are provided to the learners. Daily, weekly tests, 5 CPC mock exams are conducted for the learners. The online classes are self-paced learning with flexible schedules of the learners. 

The focus of the instructor falls directly on the learners and the learner can get the certification one needs and learn and prepare for the required certification exam. This course 5 mock exams to test the skills and knowledge gained by the learners before attending the real test.

Amra Health

Amra Health offers Medical Coding Courses in India. Their training courses cover the topics including basic coding denials, ICD-10, CPT, anatomy and basics of billing. The courses are conducted by the expert trainers in the field. They provide e-books for study materials. 

They offer certification courses in CPC medical coding, CPC billing and much more. They provide training classes online in Trichy, Tamilnadu. They are one of the best CPC medical coding training institutes in India. They offer CPC certification through AAPC info. They provide the training in a way of focusing on getting the career of the learner started and to move further. 

They also offer Demo & chargers, medical coding and billing training, CPC medical coding training, job oriented medical coding training, CPC coding training and much more.