Top Summer Fabrics to Beat the Heat

Summer is undoubtedly bright and wonderful but does it make it difficult to maintain your polished appearance as the weather messes with your sweat glands? Heat is in full swing, so you must get some bright Dresses and Tops to make the best of the season. Summer becomes a real struggle when the temperature reaches around 45 degrees Celsius. We know that summer clothes are cheaper than winter clothes because they use less material, which eventually reduces the cost.

In summers, we change clothes more often when it’s hot. Therefore, we end up buying more clothes. We choose the cheapest option as we need more clothes. The problem is that we are mindful of the price tag and looks of the item, and we neglect to see the material used. When the sun is right at the top, you need to make sure that you wear something breathable and comfy. It makes you stay cool, and you don’t smell sweaty. It is possible to look smart and fashionable and comfortable, all at the same time. All you need to do is make smart fabric choices that you feel comfortable in when the temperature rises. You need to find some best quality summer fabrics to save you from scorching heat.

We are making your job easy with some airy and lightweight fabrics suitable for summer.

  1. Cotton

Number one on this list has to be cotton. Our first choice is cotton whenever we talk about the best fabric to wear in summer. It is one of the most commonly known natural fabrics that are breathable, airy, and lightweight. Cotton clothes are manufactured from fibrous balls found in cotton plants. Cotton is one of the most vastly used fabrics that are also known for its durability all over the world. The reason that it is airy and breathable is due to the tiny hollow gaps in the fabric.

The cotton material helps to consume and expel perspiration. The cotton fabric allows the air to flow through the fibres and keeps the body cool by kicking away the sweat. When your body produces sweat, the cotton fabric not only absorbs but dries it within no time, leaving no sweaty odour behind. It is a versatile fabric that can that serves different purposes. Its porous nature not only absorbs dye but all other types of dye. Muslin, sateen, terry cloth, and flannel are some varieties of cotton and weave. If you wear more traditional clothes, you may buy suit materials like anarkali kurta set with dupatta in cotton stuff. Cotton is the most common summer fabric ideal for summer wear.

  1. Linen

Linen has made its way to every sustainable closet, so we welcome it in ours. It’s one of the preferable fabrics to don in summers as it is lightweight and airy. The price of pure linen cloth can even go higher than cotton; it’s still preferable due to its versatility and comfy appeal. It is mix of flax fibres that allow air to pass through, making it breathable and airy for higher temperatures. Another best part about linen is that it never sticks to your body and stays an inch away from the skin, looking too stiff.

  1. Rayon

A general rule for summer shopping is to avoid man-made fabric and rely upon natural fabrics. But as everything has an exception, so does this. Rayon is one man-made fabric amongst various other types that is suitable for summers. It is perfect for summers and blends cotton, wood pulp, and other natural and synthetic fibres. It allows the air to move freely, refrains from sticking to your body, and provides comfort.

  1. Georgette

When choosing your perfect fabric for summer, georgette is something you must not avoid. It is made by using silk and synthetic yarns. The fabric is perfect for summers as it is lightweight, free-flowing, thin, and soft in texture. Georgette can be your go-to summer fabric while keeping you attractive and fashionable.

  1. Jersey

Summer clothing means avoiding clothes that stick to your body, but if you’re looking for body-fitting fabric, make sure it is a jersey. It is made with loose weaves and fine threads, a perfect blend of cotton used in dresses and top materials. It is soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. Cardigans, pullovers, or shrugs in this fabric are more common. It is a durable fabric, so if you need to spend some extra bucks on it, it’s worth spending.

The Final Thought

We’ve tried to cover almost all useful and common fabrics that are comfortable to wear in summers. Whether you are going for a western or traditional outfit like anarkali kurta set with dupatta, keep in mind the material of the cloth when buying for summers.