Instructions to Troubleshoot Electric Bike Problems

How would you investigate an electric bicycle? 

Specific individuals don’t live near an electric bicycle administration shop as well, as perhaps you need to fix it yourself. This article will discuss a few standard ways of investigating electric bicycle issues.

Take a look at The Battery Voltage.

We get this question now and then, and the main thing we advise our clients to do is look at the battery voltage. Perhaps the battery hasn’t been charged, or maybe there has been a blown circuit. The LEDs should illuminate, and the bicycle LCD PC should illuminate.

Assuming that you have a voltmeter, you can look at the voltage of an electric bicycle by connecting the prongs to the positive and negative sides of the prongs on the battery. You can likewise stick the voltmeter solidly into the charger association on the battery to get a perusing too.

As a rule, thinking that the battery loses power excessively fast, your first impulse is to decide how long the battery pack has been left unaltered. Taking it has not been charged for, say, a half year, you could re-energize the battery pack effectively. Yet, if it has been unaltering for over a half year, almost certainly, your battery pack is inadequate.

On the off chance that you realize that your electric bike has been sitting for some time without being re-energized and your battery power ceases to exist rapidly, you can securely expect that the battery is inadequate and would require substitution.

If the battery has been charged for less than 8 hours, try setting it for 8 hours and checking whether the electric bicycle runs at full throttle.

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It is a decent practice not to leave the battery charger connected to the electric bike for over 12 hours due to cheating and harming the battery on the off chance that the charger glitches.

You ought to likewise actually take a look at the battery charger. There are no instruments expected to get it done. Plug the battery charger into the divider and search for at least one enlightened marker light.

Assuming you have a multimeter or voltmeter, you can test the resulting voltage of the battery chargers. The voltage must be a couple of volts over the battery chargers to evaluate voltage. 

Your battery charger is faulty. It is underneath the battery charger to appraise voltage. On the off chance that a marker light isn’t enlightened or flickers on and off if the charger is connected to the divider, the charger is damaged. The result on the battery chargers is zero, or on the other hand.

You Don’t Have A Voltmeter Yet.

If you have a 36V battery and your voltmeter reads 7 volts, you know the battery is broken. You can now see if the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your e-bike.

You can contact the producer to record a guarantee for new parts. On the off chance that it isn’t under warranty still, you can purchase another battery. 

On the off chance that you bought your e-bicycle from us, fortune has smiled on you, and we sell new batteries for each model e-bicycle we offer. Please get us if you cannot find it in the batteries section of our website, which I can see in the menu above.

Assuming you see that you have a surface charge of 42V from your 36V battery, then, at that point, it is wholly energized, and you can move onto the subsequent stage.

Take a look at The Battery Prongs.

Now and then, the prongs on the battery aren’t arranged as expected, so I can’t finish the electrical circuit. I can effectively fix it by utilizing a wrench to twist them marginally and realign them. You additionally need to check the battery charger port. 

Turn off the battery charger if it is still connected to the divider. Plug the battery charger into the electric bike’s battery charger port and look for an illuminated pointer light on the battery charger.

Assuming the pointer light on the battery charger illuminates when the charger is connected to the electric bike, then, at that point, the wiring and the wiring connectors going to the charger port are grand, and the charger port itself is excellent. 

On the off event that you have a multimeter, you can check the battery charger port’s voltage could be trie. The voltage level present at the charging port must be equivalent to the battery pack.

You could likewise test the battery pack on a realized decent electric bike and, afterward, ride the electric bicycle at max speed on level ground so you can perceive how lengthy the battery pack would endure. 

On level ground, most electric bikes would have a scope of around 30-45 minutes. On the off chance that the battery pack keeps going under 30 minutes, the battery is in all likelihood broken down and should be supplanted if the battery pack lasts under 20 minutes. It is broken down and must be a substitute. 

Seriously broken down batteries would last 5-10 minutes. On the off chance that the electric bike has a fog light, a heap test should be possible by taping a curve-formed piece of cardboard over the front lamp so you could see the light emission headlights gleaming on it, assuming you are riding. 

You could then wholly charge the battery pack and ride the electric bike with the fog light on, looking for the headlights pillar radiating on the paper. 

On the off chance that the battery is excellent, the front light will possibly diminish a bit, assuming you give the electric bike max speed.

If the battery is exhausted, the pillar on the headlights will diminish seriously when the electric bike is given max speed. 

Assuming that you have a multimeter and the electric bike is running, a battery pack load test could be performed by charging the battery completely.

It would help raise the back tire by interfacing the multimeter with the battery and giving the electric bike max speed while connecting, yet not securing the brake on the back.

On the off chance that you draw in the back brake, the battery pack will encounter a heap, and you can then peruse the voltage to discover the amount it drops. 

If the battery is excellent, the voltage will drop by a couple of volts, but the voltage will seriously drop if the battery pack is exhausted.

Look at The Brake Motor Inhibitor (Cutoff Switch) Wires 

On the off chance that you drop your e-bicycle, in all likelihood, It might have harmed a piece of the handlebars. It can analyze it without much stretch. 

Assuming there is any surface-level harm to your brake switches or handlebars. You’ll have to fix your brake switches before you can get your e-bicycle working once more. 

Once in a while, the actual button should be supplanted. It would take the information and ability of an electric bicycle technician to do. 

Then again, you can find your regulator and sort out which wires are for the brake inhibitor, and separate them from disposing of this issue. Nonetheless, riding can be difficult, and we don’t recommend it.

Get a Bike Stand To Help You Work On Your E-Bike 

A lift bicycle stand is one great device to have for home fixes on your e-bicycle. E-bicycles are famously weighty. So it tends to be very hard to appropriately chip away at an e-bicycle and not injure your back or make your knees sore. 

Here is an extraordinary illustration of an e-bicycle lift you can get for your home carport.

Assuming you dislike your e-bicycle even after checking these frameworks, call your nearby bicycle shop and inquire whether they work on electric bicycles. 

More bicycle shops are changing to electric bicycle administration because of their developing prominence.

I hope you found this helpful article. If you think it’s useful, please share it on your favorite informal community, discussion, or group, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.