Questions To Ask Your Truck Accident Attorney In a Tragic Situation

A disastrous situation can hit at any time. Houston is rated as the deadliest city in the country due to fatal trucking accidents. In 2020, Houston witnessed 2,835 injury accidents. Generally, people are unaware of truck accident cases and their complexity.

The aftermath of a serious accident with a truck can be a tragic situation for victims and their families. Truck accidents also result in life-threatening injuries. It leads to both physical and emotional trauma. The victims must spend thousands of dollars on lost wages, property damage, medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and other losses. This is where you need a professional. Moreover, you have to ask your Trucking Accident Attorney some important questions to your attorney before hiring. Below are the things to ask and confirm from your attorney.

Questions on Legal Background

Just like an interview, you must discuss the lawyer’s experience. It is the best factor to start from. You must ask questions related to their experience and background. Know about their years of practice as truck accident attorneys. Specifically, ask about the number of successful accident cases they handled. It is necessary because truck accident cases require specific evidence and involve multiple parties. You have to prepare to get compliance with federal vehicle maintenance reports and driver training records. Only an experienced attorney can help you with this.

Also, verify how similar your case is to their past cases. This will help you know how they can efficiently handle your case. It is also important to know if the attorney is a member of a professional legal organization or not. If yes, then which organization do they belong to? This must be clarified to know their legal background. Moreover, you must also know about their license and certification. The Trucking Accident Attorney should be licensed in the state.

Question on Handling Your Case

In addition to knowing about your attorney’s legal background, you must also get into detail of your case. Understand whether your claim is worthy or not. Discuss this with your attorney; if they think it is, then you have questions about your role in the case. When you are hiring an attorney from an organization, ask how your case will be handled. Whether the support staff will handle it or a professional lawyer will be assigned.

Know your role in the decision-making process of your case. You must know whether your case is worthy of going for a court trial or not. Sometimes, truck accident cases need only settlement without a trial. But you should determine the attorney’s efforts to proceed with a trial even with the least chance.

Ask about the compensation which you will receive in your case. Make sure that the attorney will keep you updated throughout the case. He/she should help you with the documents, paperwork and other legal procedures. Truck accident cases cover potential damages. Based on your case severity, ask what damages will be covered.

Questions on The Attorney’s Experience

Truck accident claims are very complex. These cases involve both state and federal laws. You will find general practitioners, but they might not have the experience to handle the complexities of truck accident cases. So, you have to look for specialized lawyers with years of experience in accident cases. It is crucial to hire an experienced attorney to handle the claims.

Know the attorney’s specialty, like what sort of cases they handle. Ask the percentage of truck accident cases the firm handles in a year. Check the service period and track records. You will find an attorney with over 10 years of experience with truck accident cases. It is better to proceed with them.

Question on Legal Fees

Another important question to discuss is about legal fees. You must directly ask for the total fees. Every firm is different when it comes to charging legal fees. In most cases, the truck accident case is handled on a contingency basis. It means the clients don’t have to pay unless they win the case.

The agreement may involve what percent of the court verdict or settlement will go to legal fees. There are also other questions to ask your Trucking Accident Attorney. Like, how their team is compensated. Ask whether you don’t have to face if you don’t get a settlement. Moreover, know about the additional costs involved. Some charges may get added during the course of the case. Some firms may charge for consultation, while others offer it for free.

Final Thoughts

The Trucking Accident Attorney must be questioned based on the major things related to the case. You cannot randomly trust anyone with a complex accident case. Ensure to get a clear insight into the case and then consult the attorney. As discussed, ask them about their experience, legal background, license and fees. During the consultation, note the questions to discuss briefly with the attorney. Finally, move forward with a discussion to hire.