Truck Body Innovation in 2021 and Beyond

Truck body innovations continue to occur among manufacturers. In 2021, fleets will have an excellent opportunity to upgrade their fleets with lighter-weight, American made truck bodies, work pods and truck toppers. Advancing the cause of fleet efficiency, composite materials are much lighter than traditional materials such as aluminum and steel. Further, advanced composite materials can tolerate as much abuse and heavy handed loading as those same traditional materials. Fiberglass truck bodies tend to last a lot longer than a truck body made from metal, because they simply can not rust, oxidize or corrode. Salt does not impact them, and they can not become waterlogged. It’s simply not possible 

Truck body decisions impact fleet bottom lines

Truck body decisions have a direct impact on the amount of money that fleet organizations spend on purchasing and maintaining their fleet equipment. Advanced composite materials make a significant impact on the bottom line of fleets. This is because of a dramatic decline in fuel expense.

When a truck is lighter, it requires less energy to move it around. Additionally, technicians are able to convey a larger amount of equipment, supplies and materials in a lighter truck body. This increase in payload is directly related to a decrease in the overall weight of a truck body. Lighter weight vehicles put much less stress on their wear systems, like brankes and suspension. Often a lighter truck body can make it possible for a chassis life to be extended by as much as thirty percent.

Truck body manufacturers in the United States

Truck body manufacturers in the United States support fleet organizations across North America. Emergency response fleets, service fleets, public works and services fleets and commercial construction fleets are all supported by American truck body manufacturers.

The highest quality advanced composite truck bodies in the world are manufactured in Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana and other midwestern American states. Some truck body manufacturers manufacture other equipment for fleets, including fiberglass buckets that are used on insulated and non-insulated aerial lifts. Truck body innovations are ongoing in the United States, where essential industries are supported by hard working American workers located in the midwest.

Forestry Bucket Truck Inventory

Forestry bucket trucks are a type of specialized equipment that is essential for the basic work of forestry. Forests currently cover almost a third of all land area on the planet, provide sustenance for eighty percent of the world’s land animals and provide a way of life for one quarter of all humans.

Forest management is a gigantic business in the United States, representing hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity. Forests in the United States are mostly located on public lands, though the majority of wood, timber, pulp and paper come from privately owned forests. Harvesting wood to make basic materials is one major source of economic activity where forestry bucket trucks play an important role. 

Forestry Bucket Trucks Offer Access

Forestry bucket trucks make it possible for expert technicians to access trees and objects that are far above the forest floor. In many cases, due to the massive amount of forest in our country, electric power lines are built through forests and woodlands, and run hundreds of miles through lonely and isolated places. Forestry bucket trucks are used to trim the vegetation away from power lines.

This is done in order to prevent damage to the forests, which can burn in out-of-control calamities, when not managed properly. Forestry bucket trucks can get forestry technicians into place to trim and remove problem trees. They are also essential for the safe operation of logging sites. Often used in combination with knuckle boom cranes and heavy logging flatbeds, forestry bucket trucks make a logging jobsite more efficient. 

Forestry Bucket Truck Usage

Forestry bucket trucks are commonly mounted with insulated aerial lifts. This is because they are used frequently enough by electric utility companies that they need to be equipped with protective isolating equipment that will make the difference in the lives of technicians tasked with doing that work. Those forestry bucket trucks that are not often insulated are often used for the general management and beautification of parks and public spaces. This light duty work does not strain the functional systems of a forestry bucket truck, but it is highly useful nonetheless.