Are You Born a foodie? Try Indian Cuisine

foodie indian cuisine

Are you looking for some delicious Indian cuisine near you but too lazy to step out of the house? Try the wide range menu of the Indian Restaurant Gandhi. They offer Indian takeaways for those lazy days when you wish to relish the best of cuisine in your bedroom. No matter what you are craving for veg, non-veg or just sweets the Indian Restaurant Gandhi has something for everyone. We offer amazing starters as well as some amazing mouth drooling main course meals. 

Explore and relish the traditional food of India in the Amsterdams that is widely appreciated for its delicious flavors infused with spices and herbs. At the Indian Gandhi, you get a wide variety to taste and try like under the veg menu you can try samosa, curries made in paneer, mixed veg, channa masala etc. There are special Punjabi thali and yummy Punjabi dishes like Tandoori chicken tikka, chicken tikka masala and butter chicken. Under break also the chef offers a great variety like nan, garlic nan and rotis. The Indian Restaurant Gandhi has an enormous variety of mouth-drooling vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The spice content varies from minimal to high which can be customized on request. Indian cuisine being immensely popular globally is being relished by all and it’s a home for people who are away from home. 

When you choose The Indian Restaurant Gandhi, we present our guests with assorted dishes crafted by chefs that are a treat for the eye and for the mouth. Our vibrant dishes preserve the goodness of all the ingredients that ensure you get the food you looking for. Order the delicious cuisine, grab your Indian takeaway and relish the fragrance and taste of each dish as served at the restaurant. The aromatic and tasty dishes are made by the experts in our kitchen. All the dishes are made from scratch as served in the Indian homes. 

The beauty and the lip-smacking taste of Indian cuisine lie in the way it is prepared. Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of complex flavours aligned to make your food taste amazing. The slow-cooked cuisine be it non-vegetarian or vegetarian menu makes even the simplest of the meals worth trying. It’s a divine blend of aroma and flavours that is available as a takeaway at The Indian Restaurant Gandhi. The art of cooking as unleashed in Indian cuisine is known for the rich spices and taste it emits. It reflects a blend of many traditions, civilizations and cultures. 

Indian Cuisine and Us!

Indian cuisine is different from any other global cuisine. We at The Indian Restaurant Gandhi reflect a balanced mix of various cultures and ages. Here you will get everything be it vegetables or meat. Even the desserts are available for takeaway as needed. Our restaurant is an extension of the Indian kitchen itself. It’s a space where we don’t simply cook but experiment and spread the taste of Indian amongst our visitors. The value of our cuisine lies in the recipes and the ingredients we add to it mindfully. 

We ensure all the safety measures before we cook, pack and deliver our favourite food to your doorstep. We at the Indian Restaurant Gandhi make sure that our consumers stay safe hence we follow all the measures of hygiene. We deliver food to all the Indian cuisine lovers in Amsterdam.  The deep link between Indian cuisine and foodies in Amsterdam is alive by us. We ensure to deliver the best of Indian cuisines with our much-loved chefs. Our Indian kitchen offers you the essence of Indian cuisines and preserves the real flavours for you while you are away from home.