Protect Your Financial Data- Upgrade to Sagenext’s QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks hosting allows the user to access QuickBooks software anytime without any geographical constraint. Hosting providers ensure 99% availability and instant access to the QuickBooks account. The vital advantage of QuickBooks hosting is that it enables the enhancement of profit by delivering service to more customers in more scattered locations with minimized travelling and expenditure.

QuickBooks services allow the optimum business operations to give service to more customers and deal with them effectively. It is a better option for all the businesses, irrespective of their size, which has numerous offices or employees working with remote access.

QuickBooks hosting

Cloud hosting of QuickBooks is also known as Infrastructure as a service delivery model which gives virtual services. QuickBooks hosting service is reachable via cloud hosting provider, and it is available to various users simultaneously.

Why choose SageNext for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

Minimized IT Infrastructure and Cost –

Small businesses are under budget confinement due to limited budgeting. SageNext helps small businesses to access the software over the internet without the installation of a dedicated system.

Also, it provides functionalities like remote upgrades and supports, so there is no separate IT team required.

Automatic Backup and Disaster Recovery –

All businesses require a disaster recovery system, and the hosting of QuickBooks helps them with the strategy. QuickBooks data stored on the SageNext cloud is highly secure, and your data will have multiple copies with a network of various servers.

Data transfer is secure as it gets end-to-end encryption while transferring. If any accident or natural disaster happens, you can retrieve your business data conveniently to maintain business continuity.

Data Security –

At SageNext, we understand the value of data security and privacy. We provide a much-secured platform with your user ID and password for accessing your QuickBooks account. We give security standards like anti-malware, anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention method, end-to-end encryption, and more.

Ease of Collaboration –

QuickBooks hosting allows the employees and accountants to collaborate effectively and efficiently. SageNext allows removing the requirement of copying or syncing files and provides accountants and employees to work jointly with others. It minimizes the instances of errors in the business operations and enhances their productivity.

Global Accessibility –

QuickBooks hosting with SageNext gives you the leverage of accessing QuickBooks data from anywhere and anytime. It is a vital benefit of remote accessibility that gives faster online response as the QuickBooks applications get installed on highly optimum servers. 

We give centralized access to the QuickBooks application to the outsourced employees or in multiple locations of small businesses.

Integration with Applications –

SageNext allows the integration of the QuickBooks application with other third-party applications like Microsoft Office Suite, Fishbowl inventory,, Method CRM, etc., although using add on applications will affect the performance of the hardware.

SageNext helps the QuickBooks hosting to overcome these restrictions so that multiple applications can get integrated hassle-free.

Automatic Updates and Upgrade –

For keeping your QuickBooks software up-to-date, it is necessary to update it regularly. SageNext ensures that your software application keeps on updating automatically with the new features and settings accordingly.

Eco-friendly Work Culture –

The utilization of QuickBooks let you store all the data and information in digital form. It enhances the work culture of a paperless environment. There is no requirement for physical copies of invoices, tax return forms, modification of financial records, and other financial documents. It aids in saving the environment.

Also, remote accessibility of business operations saves the electricity, water, stationery and other official expenses for the business owners.

Scalability –

SageNext provides a scalable environment of QuickBooks hosting. Scalability of application and resources is the foremost aspect of QuickBooks hosting. It means that you can pay for the service and sources you are using and can up or down the scale as per the business need.

SageNext boosts the scalability by offering the pay-as-you-go plan where you only have to pay for the service you require for your business and offers you to simply up or down the scale of the resources as needed.

Easy customizations –

SageNext offers QuickBooks hosting with convenient customizations to leverage the business accounting needs as required. It keeps you agile with the advancement of the current competitive world.

Affordable and pocket-friendly –

QuickBooks hosting is available at a pocket-friendly and affordable price. You have to pay the cost at your convenience as per the payment plans you choose, monthly, quarterly or annually.

At SageNext, we offer all the benefits of QuickBooks, starting at just $33 per user per month. We also provide a 10% discount on our half-yearly or annual payment plans.

Technical Customer Support –

QuickBooks hosting leverages its user with the benefit of 24/7 technical customer support. We understand the importance of your valuable time and doesn’t want to keep your business operations on hold due to any concern related to QuickBooks. We have a team of highly skilled technical experts, and they are available round-the-clock to assist you in any issue over chat, email or phone call.

Pre-downloaded Complementary Applications –

SageNext provides QuickBooks hosting to enhance the business productivity with pre-downloaded applications like Google Chrome, Adobe, Remote desktop, open office etc.

Maximum Availability –

At SageNext, we ensure that you can utilize the best services for your business. Hence, we assure you of a minimum downtime, irrespective of whether scheduled or unscheduled.

Control Over the Accessibility –

SageNext offers QuickBooks hosting with administrative empowerment. It means that you can define and permit access to the employees as per the business responsibilities. You can grant access to specific employees so that your confidential business data is accessible to only authorized staff members.


SageNext provides the benefit of an optimized solution for QuickBooks hosting. The QuickBooks hosting helps CPAs, Accountants, and small business managers to perform efficiently and effectively and enhances their productivity.

With our expert technical customer support, we are available 365 days round-the-clock. For any assistance or clarification regarding QuickBooks hosting, you can contact us via email, phone call or live chat. The contact number is – support (Toll-Free) +1-855-922-7243, and the email address is –