The day of the lovers has arrived, so pick you flowers and choose them wisely because you never know how it all might affect. The flowers have to be chosen carefully as they play a major role in telling a person how you might feel about them and if you are far you can always send flowers to bangalore and send cakes to delhi or wherever they are living right now.

valentines bouquets

The flowers are the best at expressing whatever you are feeling and you must choose your flower wisely as you never know what you might express. It is better to know about the flowers which are always there depicting what you are feeling and the flowers are the experts in expressing everything which brings us to the previous statement that we must always choose them wisely.

Whenever we think about a flower which can be included in the bouquet it is always the rose. Rose is just so popular that no one wants to think about another bloom other than the rose so you can always think of it in this way that there are other alternatives to rose as well, which will make your bouquet look nice. Here are a few example of the bouquets which you can ask your florists to make for you:


Well, if they are your sunshine then you can always tell them with the flowers. Combine the sunflower flower which stands for longevity and happiness with the orchids which are there for good health and wealth. They both have one thing in common, that is they depict the love in a very strong and passionate way. You can always go for this bouquet if you wish to. Your significant other will surely be surprised by the gift that you are giving to them.


The stargazer lilies, roses and the calla lilies are a perfect combination to make your significant other realise that. Your significant other will just be awestruck from the moment they see the bouquet you get them. These roses are there symbolizing the love and the passion that is there and you can also go for the tiger lily in the bouquet as well as they also symbolize the passion. When we talk about the stargazer lily they are there symbolising the purity and innocence so this makes it a perfect bouquet for you.


This is another perfect bouquet which is just perfect to tell them that you care about them in various ways with the alstroemeria, anemones and the calla lilies, these flowers are just love in its true form and you can always express that with them being there. So make sure that you are going for these flowers and you can always ask the best flowers online to get these flowers for you. This will all be perfect. The flowers are going to be fresh and they are just going to love it.


You can always go for the chrysanthemum and the roses with some sunflowers to show this. Roses and sunflowers are something that you know what they mean but when it comes to the chrysanthemums they are also perfect in telling that, they mean perfection as well so you can always convey the message of how perfect they are. This will be perfect. You can always go for the flowers whenever you feel like. You can always opt for these blossoms and just remind them that you really do love them a lot and make the valentines day more memorable for them.


You should politely ask them for a date and make sure that they are happy. It is always advisable to give a box of chocolate along with the flowers. They will just be a lot happier and will appreciate you for the gift that you have given them. So make sure that you are doing that.

You can always take them for a dinner date and just make them realise how special they are to you. This will be again really beautiful for them.

Although valentines is all about celebrating love don’t forget to celebrate the love that is there with the other members of the family or your friends. After all it is not a day for couples but the day of love. Remind the others as well that you are just grateful for their presence and no matter what you will be there with them throughout.

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