Vastu Shastra – a sure shot recipe to happiness

vastu shastra

Happiness is the only thing which is needed by each and every being this whole world and due to this reason each and every one is running in the race to gain this happiness more early then the other. And happiness, not just include the money, it includes different aspects of life like health, marriage, dreams, etc. And what if astrology can provide you all those happiness which you want? Many people don’t believe in the art of the astrology. But, this art of astrology is said to be one of the most ancient art of the astrological and due to this reason it is said that astrology is one of the most powerful art of this world and it is said that astrology is capable to each and every problem of any person’s life. It means this art is having the power to provide you problem free life. And in this matter of happiness, so, in order to get that you have to take the service of Vastu Shastra because, it is said to be one of the most important parts of this astrology. And some details of Vastu shastra are provided below

The elements of Vastu Shastra are as follows –  

  1. Space – Space is said to be the first element in this art of Vastu. The house should built in such a way that the central area should get enough light so due to this it brings light and happiness to the human life who would live in that house. 
  2. Air – Air is said to be one of the most important element for human life as without air nothing is able to survive on this planet. Vastu also considers guidelines for proper air circulating through doors, windows etc. So, that it brings positivity in the house. According to the rules of Vastu the air should enter the house from north – west direction. 
  3. Fire – Fire is associated with the sun, which is said to be the source of the energy. Vastu suggests where the fire resources or fire related things should be placed. Things of the kitchen, like stove. According to the rule of Vastu the fire elements should always be placed in the south direction. 
  4. Water – Water is said to be a very important element of the nature as well as the world. It is said that the human body is made up about 70% of water only. The correct placement of water sources is very important. The water resource like as wells, boring, swimming pool or fountains according to Vastu should be in the north east direction. 
  5. Earth – The selection of any house is very important in this factor of happiness. Earth is such an element of the nature that it cannot be neglected by any person. So, it is necessary that the vastu of house should be checked before shifting.  

Of, you can easily know your element with the help of your zodiac ; you know that each and every zodiac sign has their own element.  So, with the help of these details you can easily achieve your respected happiness. But, as it is said that the family is the first source of any person’s happiness and due to this reason these tips will help you resolving your those problems. Because, family is directly connected with the house in which you are living.

  1. Main entrance – The main entrance of the house is not only the entrance to the family, but also it is also entrance for all the energies. The main door of any house should be in the east, north or northeast direction. It should be well lit by different things. It should be made of a good quality wood and should not be painted black because, it is said that black color indicates negative energies and due to this reason there will be no happiness in the family. 
  2. Pooja room – The Pooja room in your house is said to be one of the most positive room in this whole house. Because, people get peace of mind and tranquillity in the Pooja room of the house. The Pooja room should be in the east or northeast part of your house. You should face east, while doing Pooja or meditation because, it is said to be very beneficial by doing this. 
  3. Bedroom – All people spend most of the time in their bedroom. The bedroom should be in south west direction in order to bring good health and prosperity to your life. 

So, this was some important tips that you should keep in mind in order to healthy and happy life. And if you need deeper knowledge regarding this art of astrology, then you should instantly contact to Astrologer in Ahmedabad who is the best astrologer according to our survey of year 2021.

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