VIP Desert Safari – A Luxurious Trip To Wilderness

The city of luxuries keeps renowned ways for a travel enthusiast to explore its exceptional beauty. From viewing the skyline atop the Burj Khalifa to sightseeing the sunset hues. The city has numerous opportunities to offer. We, being energetic travel enthusiasts, headed out for a VIP desert safari Dubai. For which purpose we approached Happy Adventures Tourism LLC to sail our ship. From bookings to rentals, everything was done in a streamlined fashion.

desert safari Dubai

Staying at the dunes in private tents was a blend of nomadic living with contemporary facilities. If you are in Dubai and want to explore its majestic desert with luxuries, grab a private tour. Discover how it looks, in the following listings.

 Private Camping and Expedition in a Desert Safari

1.   Pick and Drop in a Luxurious Vehicle

Our memorable venture to the dunes of Dubai began with a pickup in a 4×4 luxurious vehicle. The driver from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC arrived at our doorstep to pick us up from our hotel in Dubai. Since it’s a private or VIP desert safari in Dubai, you will get a private pick & drop service. The whole journey to the dunes was quite smooth and luxurious. Sitting on the comfortable seats of a land cruiser with air-conditioning on, along with glitzy views of Dubai. We couldn’t ask for more on our way to the majestic conservation reserve.

2.  Dune Bashing     

Cross the high dunes of the terrain like a daredevil! The good news is, you can enjoy the manoeuvres of SUVs for over half an hour. This is the extended period exclusive only for the VIP guests. We, a group of four, were seated belted in a Nissan Patrol along with the driver and tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. A dune bashing vehicle allows a maximum number of six people for dune bashing.

Whether you take a ride in a dune buggy, hummer, land cruiser, or jeep; fun is promised. As the unparalleled slopes take the vehicle as a roller coaster. Dune bashing is not for faint-hearted people, kids under 13, and people with considerable medical conditions. If you do not lie in any of the categories, and love to meet the thrill, this insane sand sport is for you!

3.Sandboarding & Quad Biking

Other exhilarating activities in the dune arena are sandboarding, quad biking, and fat bicycling. Go unstoppable by fixing your feet on a sandboard. Sandboarding is a balancing skill that you’ll get after practice. Even people who have never surfed a hoverboard in their life, love to surf the Arabian sand. This terrain activity is safe and makes people end up in chuckles.

You can also try quad biking if you are into things like dare and sports. Quad biking is also a super enthralling sport like dune bashing. Thrill-seekers opt for it whenever they visit the dunes. Quad bikes are a ride for one. After getting a set of instructions from the local instructor there, you can drift across the sloppy dunes. The quad bikers appear like dare-devils riding their bikes over and down the reddening slops of high dunes. 

4. Camel Safari

What is the best idea that could hit us in a nomadic region of Dubai? A camel safari! We went on for a camel safari upon getting escorted by the operator of Happy Adventures Tourism to the camel caravan site. There, we followed the lead of a Bedouin on our very own ships of the desert! A camel ride takes the rider back in time and gives the true feel of nomadic living. Camel safari is a must-try whenever you make a move to the majestic dunes of Dubai.

5. Private Camping

You’ll get the real bliss of a luxurious treatment in a desert safari when you’ll be escorted to your private desert camps. These camps portray the classic Bedouin lifestyle. As they are embellished with archaic themed articles. We got beautiful and cosy resting caravansaries by the Happy Adventures Tourism team.

They made sure that our comfort is not compromised. There were separate toilets, cosy seatings, and a pretty inviting ambience. The Bedouin camps pitched at the dunes depict the remarkable hospitality of the natives and buoyant culture of Arabia.

6 Opulent Eatery

The succulent meal right in the middle of that nomad’s home appears like a blessing! When we were back at our campsite after exploring the dunes, the Arabian savoury was waiting for us. Our hosts at the campsite served a variety of Arabian and international cuisines right at our table in the caravansary.

There were various veg and non-veg dishes along with mouth-watering desserts and siders. We rejuvenated ourselves by consuming free and unlimited refreshments. Those included soft drinks, tea, coffee, and side snacks. Engulfing the delicious meal in the lovely ambience made us more gratified.

7. Colors of Arabian Tradition

Tourists get a chance to colour themselves in the animated Arabian culture. Inspiring traditional activities are going on at the campsites. These include henna painting for women and kids, Arabian attiring, and falconry. The heritage belongings of Arabia -the falcons perform mind-boggling stunts in the sand.

These cultural activities amuse the guests in a desert safari. Shisha smouldering in the Arabian Majlis is a quite entrancing recreational activity that only the VIP guests are offered. The Bedouins narrate their traditional stories in those Majalis and inspire the listeners from all over the world. We also collected many stories to tell about the beautiful landscape of the Arabian desert.


A day with your people in the vicinity of the Arabian desert allows you to explore yourself. The magical sundown and sunrise, the furious game of SUVs, and enlivened Arabian culture. All this vibrancy is seen in abundance in a desert safari.

However, reaching out to good management like that of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC minimizes your effort. Grabbing a private desert safari is a bit costly but worth spending money on. Your AEDs will be paid off if you choose an itinerary proposed by a trusted firm.