Ideas To Make Your Virtual Booth Stand Apart From The Rest At An Online Exhibition

Virtual trade shows have become the new normal in the advertising world. Due to the movement restrictions during the pandemic, many online exhibition platforms have received a boost.

The Past few months have been challenging for the event planners and most of the physical events have either been canceled or postponed. The dynamic of exhibitions has been changing and event planners have come to adopt Mixhubb, an online meeting platform

No renting of a physical space is required and the attendees can reach out to everyone. The brands and event organizers showcase their products and any new launches that help in the corporate setting. The virtual settings are short-lived and demand less than a physical event. The article presents ideas to make the virtual booth stand apart from the rest.


· Generate curiosity among the audience

To ensure that maximum people attend the virtual event digitally and that the virtual booth piques their curiosity, it should have a few differences from the rest. One should begin early and post about the event on different social media platforms.

Some subtle hints about the upcoming expo might come in handy for the online community and help to generate fanfare around the upcoming event. Talk to the organizers about promoting the brand in the best possible way, maybe through a weekly rap session or an advertisement system.

Sending out notifications via email about the virtual booth or trade show helps the attendees to set their expectations. Hints about the virtual booth with engaging features are another strong suit to generate buzz.

· Understand the virtual show booth

Understand the audience as well as the event thoroughly to make the virtual event stand out. A detailed conversation with the organizers informs about the unique offerings to the participants. The online event platform provides one on one video chat sessions, digital flowcharts, helpful and engaging features, and a feeling of a physical exhibition.

A piece of knowledge about all the features in advance helps in a better showcase of the booth. Post this the audience engagement practices can be planned accordingly to stand out in the entire show.

· Understand the booth audience

Before expecting the audience to attend the show thoroughly, it is important to know them. Researching is a great way to understand the likes, interests, dislikes, gender, and origin of the attendees. Further, drawing them towards the booth depends on the same factors.

In-depth knowledge about the audience helps to plan the showcase effectively and helps to plan the strategies and information exchange according to their tastes. Relay on all the gathered information to ensure the success of the virtual event. Share the information in a clear and simple format for better resonation.

· Put together a visually appealing and informative booth

It is equally important to design a physical booth like a virtual booth and it should be entertaining, informative, and visually appealing. The attendees might want to attend the proceedings and check the status of the booth to be updated. Whatever information is required by the attendees should be served in a satisfying palette.

All the visual virtual tools that are needed by an online exhibition platform, should be provided and utilized to better handle the show and engage the attendees further.

· Go beyond the brand’s niche

The virtual show booth should stand out and this does not just expound on the products but lets the audience take away with them the conclusion. Go beyond the crafted niche of the brand and provide the audience with detailed, well-researched, oriented about a specific industry.

It helps the attendees to learn about something new and valuable. This helps to market the product and raise awareness about the brand.  It also creates a memorable experience for the attendees and helps them learn something new and valuable.

It creates a better understanding of the market and makes them aware of the brand and its vibe. At the end of the show, when the attendees leave they should have something more than the product to remember.

· Make the in-booth communication direct

Unlike the case of physical events, virtual booths and shows operate in a very different format. The attendees might have paid to attend the event and aim to generate actual needs. To get conversions from a potential audience, it is important to ask the attendees direct questions and ascertain whether they are serious about it. This helps to save resources and turn revenue-generating leads.

· Send personalized messages to warm leads

During a virtual exhibition, some of the attendees might join just to visit the virtual booth but do not engage personally in the services. Virtual platforms allow you to follow up personally with the leads and the messages can be customized for the same.

It converts the attendees into dedicated customers and helps to keep tabs on the specific interests of the audience. Even if an attendee did not turn into a lead, a shot at personalized follow-ups can still prevail.

· Follow up thoroughly

Unlike physical, real-world events, virtual events have no prospects of getting to know the audience personally. To set the show, the follow-up messages apart from the corporate ones are also important. Cold messaging does not lead to a proper way and the audience needs unique perspectives about the brand.

Certain highlights or information about another upcoming event helps to entice them into an event.


Any virtual exhibition needs to attract and engage the audience. For this to happen, the organizers need to ensure that the booth setup is visually appealing. Marketing the event also helps to enhance the quality of the booth.

Even in a virtual case scenario, the booth should have bright colors to draw attention. The brand becomes instantly recognizable and the display elements help to highlight the important messaging. This article provides details about the setup of a booth and ideas to make it unique and give a perspective to the entire event.