6 Places To Visit In Thailand For A Fun Trip!

Thailand is regarded by tourists from across the world as being the most well-liked location in all of South Asia. There are many things it has to offer that will appeal to everyone. You will be spoiled for choice when picking which places to visit in Thailand, regardless of whether you are a nature lover, an obsessive history buff, or simply a parent looking to indulge in a fun getaway with your kids. There are a variety of places to visit in Thailand, from the breathtakingly extravagant Alcazar and Blue Dragon cabaret acts to natural parks that are home to the most exotic fauna. Pororo Water Park, KidZania, Ramayana Water Park, and the Teddy Bear Museum are all locations that kids would like to visit. Every moment of your trip will be packed with brand-new, exhilarating experiences that are guaranteed to be with you for a very long time thanks to attractions like Patong Stadium’s Muay Thai boxing, Rubber Land, and Pattaya Floating Market.

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1. Safari World

Book Safari World Tickets and explore the world’s uncommon and amazing animals by diving into the animal kingdom in one of your Bangkok journals! Take a safari bus excursion with your friends and family to the most well-known amusement park to explore it and enjoy the shows there. Keep your top-of-the-line cameras ready to capture their cheeky and amusing antics so you can afterward watch the photos and remember the magic! Experience the thrilling activities of feeding the giraffes, traveling through the water on the jungle cruise, and having exotic birds sit on your shoulders! Give your children the opportunity to observe the creatures they see on TV or in books with their own eyes for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

2. Pattaya Floating Market

Visit this market, one of the top tourist places to visit in Thailand, for the finest opportunity to experience real Thai life. You’ll observe how old-fashioned shopping was done. The freshest produce is sold by locals in tiny boats while wearing their traditional attire and caps. You may purchase fruits, herbs, incense, flowers, and other items by taking a long tail boat journey to view the market’s Central, North East, South, and North parts. In addition to shopping, you may observe local artisans creating products, observe sericulture in action, have a herbal Thai massage, have your picture taken while wearing Thai attire, etc.

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3. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

When planning your trip to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, do something completely different by diving deep to discover the incredible beauty of marine life. With 30,000 aquatic creatures from a family of more than 400 marine species, it is one of the biggest aquariums in Southeast Asia. You will get the opportunity to see uncommon marine life, including sea dragoons, skates, and rays, in this underwater ocean tunnel. A panoramic view of the coral reefs, rock pools, tropical seas, and more awaits you as you descend into the amazing underwater world. A deep dive with sharks is another way to boost your adrenaline.

4. Sanctuary of Truth

One of Pattaya’s most famous structures & best places to visit in Thailand is the Sanctuary of Truth, or Prasat Sut Ja-Tum as it is called locally. An unfinished temple constructed entirely of teak wood is visible in this tall building. The palatial structure is 105 meters high and has a unique design around the globe. Its magnificent exterior is made of finely carved wood, which is also present within. One of the top tourist destinations in Pattaya, this sanctuary is a stunning synthesis of Thai philosophy, mythology, and workmanship.

5. Dream World Amusement Park

This Bangkok amusement park, also known as a festive amusement park, is a stunning location with a variety of rides including roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, hurricanes, and other attractions. There are also water rides and a circus ghost hose there. You should not skip seeing it while you are in Thailand because it is a popular tourist destination. From Bangkok, it is around 40 kilometers away. It is the finest destination for kids since there, they may live out their fantasies of meeting Cinderella, Snow White, and Pocahontas in one day. Kids and teens will like and appreciate this location.

6. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden-

One of Pattaya’s most stunning tourist destinations & one of the top places to visit in Thailand, Nong Nooch’s 500 acres of meticulously maintained tropical gardens. There are many gardens, each with its own unique physical characteristics, including the French Garden, European Garden, Stonehenge Garden, Cactus and Succulent Garden, Variegated Garden, Ant Tower, Butterfly Hill, Orchid and Bromeliad Display Garden, and Flower Valley. You may stroll around the charming and aesthetically spectacular garden sections, go to the zoo, have something to eat at a restaurant, or see martial arts exhibitions.