Vocabulary Preparation Tips to Improve PTE Academic Score

Vocabulary Preparation Tips to Improve PTE Academic Score

Do you have friends who have given the PTE exam or are preparing for it? If yes, then you must ask them what challenges they have faced or are facing. The most common answer will be to exhibit a good vocabulary throughout the exam.

Well, proving yourself with a good knowledge of vocabulary is necessary, as it is one of the essential ways to complete the exam smoothly and earn good scores. Having a rich vocabulary is not only resisted to the PTE exam but also, to have smooth communication with anyone and anywhere. 

Considering it a priority for your PTE exam, we have enlisted a few essential preparation tips for vocabulary. It will enlighten you on how you can boost your vocabulary skills and score well on the exam. 

Practical Tips to Boost Your PTE Vocabulary

Spend more time Reading

You must have heard the phrase “Books are a man’s best friend.’ Indeed they are. If you do not like reading then it is time to change your mindset. Start spending time reading one page at a time. The more you will read, the more you will learn new words, phrases, tone, and structure of the sentences. It will also help you to find new words and their meanings. Also, do not read just any book but, the ones you find your interest in. If you cannot buy books, you can read them online or read articles on trending topics. 

Increase your Listening Power

Another way to improve your vocabulary is to listen to English music, podcasts, or radio channels. Keep a note of unfamiliar words and ensure you find their meanings afterward. This is another way to know new words. You must remember that the PTE exam includes a listening section therefore; your listening power should be good enough to score well. It will also help you to improve your pronunciation and encourage you to speak more confidently. 

Keep a Dictionary in Hand

If you do not have a dictionary, buy one. Moreover, if you do not want to buy a dictionary, then you may use dictionary apps available on your smartphone. Now, everyone from teens to senior citizens uses smartphones. Therefore, you do not have any option to not use a dictionary. Now you may wonder what the benefit of it is. Remember, you have to note down words that you are unfamiliar with. A dictionary will help you find their meanings and related words. Also, it is difficult to memorize so many words therefore, by looking at words daily, it will be easier to recall. 

Keep a Word Log

Whenever you come across a new word, you must write it down. But, where? Make a notebook or a diary where you can write the words. Keep that diary with you always. Remembering words will only be possible if you do so, otherwise, you will simply forget words you came to know a few days back. It is good practice to ace your writing section. 

Keep a check on your Pronunciation

Not every word’s pronunciation is the same and definitely does not sound, as we seem.  A slight difference in pronunciation can make a huge difference, something you cannot afford for an exam like PTE. Therefore, after you have found the word and its meaning, and jotted down it in your diary, it is time to find the pronunciation. After that, record yourself saying those words in the right pronunciation. The tip will come in handy during your speaking section.

Play Words Games

Finally yet important is a bonus tip. Have you ever come across word games? If yes, have you ever played them? Word games play a huge role in improving one’s English. It gives you your leisure time during the hectic schedule of PTE coaching as well as teach you so many new words. Word games, when played alone or with friends, can improve your vocabulary to a great extent. It makes learning more effective and enjoyable. You can find games online on your smartphone.


Improving your vocabulary will lead you in a direction that goes straight to earning good scores in PTE Australia. For more information and better guidance, you can contact Connect PTE’s experts.