VSS – Best School in Raipur

Lets us face the harsh truth. When parents are not able to accomplish their dream aim, they wish their kids to fulfil it. Of course, there are some other parents who let their children live their life as per their wish. But you will agree that in India even today most parents wish their children to fulfil a dream that they have lived once. 

Whether you are someone with liberal thoughts or you are of the same old thinking, one of the major decision that may trouble you is finding the right school for your children. 

In order to make your kids ready for competitions, it is important that you train him or her with an all-rounder approach. Hence, getting a school with such a facility can help you in a huge way. This is what VSS does in Raipur. 

International Affiliation:

Venkateshwar Signature School is mainly affiliated with the CBSE board. But as the students grow and reach out to the senior classes, the international affiliated courses are also introduced to them. One such curriculum is from the Cambridge syllabus. Offering exposure to international courses and curriculum helps the students in getting prepared for national and international approaches. There are many students who may wish to move abroad later on for higher studies. Such students will not face some of the major difficulties that other students without getting trained in the international curriculum may face. 

A Team of Expert Faculties:

The teachers and faculties in the school are not selected in just a random way. The students in VSS  follow an international pattern of the curriculum. Hence, such teachers are selected that can train these students accordingly. A strict selection process is followed to select the right faculties for the school. This may include tests and other options. Even after the selection is done, these teachers are provided with proper training so that they can teach and train the students in an absolute way following the provided curriculum. 

Digital Learning:

The school believes that the traditional model of learning can get quite boring for the students. Hence, VSS has its emphasis on the digital learning of the students. All the classrooms are equipped with an LED screen, whiteboards, and many other such options to make each learning session quite interesting for the students. It is quite obvious that audios, videos, and images are always much better in understanding in comparison to just plain texts.

Apart from digital classroom learning, the students also get opportunities for practical education and experimental learning. When the students are incorporating the theoretical points practically, they are able to understand that particular point in a much better way and also they can remember it for a much longer time. 

Sports – An Integral Part 

Sports and games have always remained an integral part of a kid’s life as it helps in the physical development of the child. VSS is surrounded by lush greenery so that the students here can enjoy an absolutely pollution-free life. Also, this greenery is not just about offering a fresh atmosphere but also offers space for different sports options. 

The school has several green courts for different sports such as basketballs, and others so that different students can play different sports in the most convenient manner. Apart from the outdoor games, the students are also leveraged to take part in several indoor games. Different indoor games such as karate, chess, and others are an important part of the curriculum that the students have to follow. 

Other Curricular Activities:

VSS does not just focus on sports apart from studies. There are also many other curricular activities that the school offers for the students. Whether it is dance, music, or some other creative activities, the school encourages the students to take up such art forms as a part of life. Along with these activities, VSS also has introduced meditation for the students. This helps the pupils in attaining proper mental as well as internal development while they are growing up. 

VSS believes in celebrating different festivals and special events from time to time to refresh the minds of the students as well as the staff. 

Best Facilities:

VSS does not just focus on the curriculum and the development of the pupils. It also takes note of several facilities so that the students can have a comfortable session each day. Properly equipped computer and science laboratories, a library with diversity in books, an auditorium for cultural programs, an internal biodiversity park, different areas for different activities, proper transportation and medical services, and many other facilities are there to provide a comfortable stay of the students here. 

While many schools claim to be the best school in Raipur, VSS has proven that it is actually the best in all the possible aspects. The school runs on the modern approaches and offers the best to the students for the overall development that can lead them to a better future ahead. 

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