Wavlink WING 12M Extender setup

Connect your Wavlink WING 12M Extender setup to your router’s WiFi network, plug it in to a power outlet nearby, and then open a web browser to view the setup screen.Follow the on-screen directions to set up the extender settings, including linking to your current WiFi network. Once set up, the extender will improve WiFi coverage so that you can connect more easily throughout your house or place of business.

Wavlink wing 12M setup instruction guide

  • As long as the extender is within wifi range of your router, put it near it.
  • Turn on the extender by connecting it into a power supply.
  • Go to the WiFi settings on your computer, tablet, or phone to create a link with the extender. 
  • Give the supplied username and password (usually “admin”) when asked.
  • As one follow the setup wizard’s instructions, you must usually select
  • log in to the WiFi network via your router.
  • After the extender’s connection to your router, a confirmation message will display.

Useful features of wavlink wing 12M setup

  1.  You can choose from the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands which the extender provides.
  2. A WPS switch on the extender enables a quick and easy router setup.
  3. The extender’s LEDs display the strength of the signal.
  4. Easier for you to decide where to put it.
  5. With the Ethernet port on the extender.
  6. you can link wired devices to your WiFi network.
  7. The bright LED signal hint on the extender aids in finding the right location for full coverage.

Common issue for wavlink wing 12m extender setup

  • To improve the signal, move the extender closer to the router if it is already too far off.
  • Check that the most recent firmware is being utilised via the extender.
  • If the issue keeps going, reset the extender and set it up again.   
  • Verify that the WiFi password you entered during setup matches the WiFi password of your router and verify it.       
  • The extender could fail on certain older devices
  • Check the device’s compatibility with 802.11ac via looking up its details
  • Keep the extender away from gadgets like microwaves or phones with cords that might clash with it.

  Wavlink wing 12M wifi extender setup using router

  •  Put the extender  to your router.
  •  Ideally, in an area where your router’s WiFi remains available  to you despite a weak signal. 
  • After putting in the extender into a power outlet.
  •  switch it on and learn it boot up.
  • The power LED should turn solid.
  • Click on the WiFi settings on your computer and mobile device.
  • connect the network of the extender (also known as “Wavlink-XXX”).
  • Start a web browser and enter in the extender’s IP address.
  • To see the setup page for this extender  click Enter.
  • On the setting page for the extender follow the setup process.
  • select the WiFi network connected to your router and enter the WiFi password.
  • On a restart, the extender will connect to an internet link with your router.

Wavlink wing 12M Troubleshooting tips

  • Check that the extender  has power on and plugged in. 
  • To be certain the extender has power, inspect its power LED.
  • Starting the extender is an easy method to fix connectivity issues.
  • Over a brief bit of a period of time plug it back in.
  • Check sure the extender is located inside the internet connection range of your router.
  • Restarting the extender to its factory settings will fix the problem if restarting doesn’t work.

Wavlink Wing AC1200 12M Range Extender-Manual method

  1. Near the router, plug in the Wavlink Wing AC1200 12M extender.
  2. Link the device to the WiFi network of the extender.
  3. open the web browser and go to “ap.setup.”
  4. Just log in or start a new account with the default password.
  5. To configure the extender’s settings, including choosing the password and existing WiFi network, simply follow the setup process.
  6. After setting up, join devices on a larger WiFi network for better coverage.

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Wavlink Wing 12M Extender Setup-WPS method

  1. Connect the Wavlink Wing 12M extender close to the router and hit the WPS button on it.
  2. About two minutes, press the WPS button on the router.
  3. Hold off until the WPS LED on the extender is solid.
  4. Place the extender where you want it.
  5. To improve coverage, connect devices to an expanded WiFi network.

Login Wavlink Wing 12M WiFi Range Extender

  1. Connect the WiFi network of the Wavlink Wing 12M extender.
  2. Open a browser and enter “ap.setup” or
  3. Use the default login information or register for a new account.
  4. Open the settings interface on the extender.
  5. Change the parameters as required.
  6. After making changes, log out.

Wavlink Wing AC1200 Extender-Firmware Update

  1. Open a web browser and connect to a WiFi connection with the Wavlink Wing AC1200 extender.
  2. In the address bar, type “ap.setup” or “”
  3. Continue to the firmware update area after logging in with your credentials.
  4. To get the latest firmware, visit the Wavlink website.
  5. To finish the upgrade, upload the firmware file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Wavlink Wing AC1200 12M Reset

  1. Click the reset button on the Wavlink Wing AC1200 extender.
  2. Use a paperclip or other similar item to press and hold the reset button for approximately ten seconds.
  3. The moment the LED lights begin to blink, release the button.
  4. Wait the extender’s reboot and factory reset.

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