3 Ways You Can Create LinkedIn Stories Successfully

Eversince LinkedIn came out with the stories feature on their platform, there have been mixed reactions from the platform users. While some look forward to using the feature to give sneak peeks into their professional lives, there are some who don’t really see the point of stories on the platform. 

Stories are a relatively old feature and are quite commonly used across all big social media platforms. Instagram and Snapchat register hundreds of millions of stories each day, making it plain and simple how widely the application is used and preferred. 

However, we’re not here to analyse the merits and demerits of the feature. We’re here to look for ways how you can use the feature to your benefit.

In this article, we will list down 3 ways how you can create LinkedIn stories successfully.  

#1- Include customer responses 

The word of a person will always be favored over any other marketing technique and strategy. When people witness the honest opinions and experiences of customers, users, audience or even the general public, they are bound to use that piece of information over any other statistical logical option. 

You can use this to your benefit by adding the experiences you have had at your company, or from other companies while in connection with them. You now also have the perfect medium to do it. Since this is a form of content that you will have in abundance, you can regularly create stories for your connections to witness. 

#2- Create informational stories

Since LinkedIn is quite different from other social media platforms, in terms of content and users, you can create stories related to your business or skill niche. 

This latest feature of LinkedIn can be used to deliver announcements, business related information, product or services you add to a business, etc.

Research shows that since stories were introduced on social media platforms, the post frequency have dipped considerably. Therefore, you too can create stories on LinkedIn to share small tidbits of information. 

#3- Maintain the platform’s original approach

Like I mentioned in the last point, LinkedIn is quite different from other social media platforms, both in terms of the content that is posted and the people who use the platform. 

This makes it clear that although the stories feature has been introduced, the nature of the platform will change as well. LinkedIn is a formal, sophisticated platform where people from different fields of occupation communicate and connect. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t use the story feature to share your personal life and adventures on the application. There are many other platforms where this feature already exists and you are free to publish whatever you wish to. 

Our suggestion: Keep it formal, refrain from divulging personal information on the stories. Strictly business and you’ll be just fine. 

In Conclusion

Although the story feature is now found on most platforms, there are ways you can utilize this feature to your benefit. In this piece we discussed 3 ways how you can create LinkedIn stories successfully. Social media platforms are always changing. You need to keep up with the trends related to social media marketing. DelhiCourses.in offers a popular digital marketing course in Delhi where an entire module is spent understanding new ways to market brands on social media.