August 10, 2022

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The Importance of Web Apps Speed Optimization

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Everyone can agree that site visitors love a website that loads really fast. But, aside from having a great-looking website, one also needs to pay attention to its web app loading speed. Picture a site visitor urgently seeking information and waiting longer than necessary for a site to load. A slow site can wreak untold disasters in more ways than you can imagine. 

Google once stated that if the average loading speed of your website is beyond 3 seconds, more than 50% of site visitors will exit that site and go to another one. Google carried out a study on 90,000 websites and discovered that roughly 70% of them take up to 7 seconds to load. Instead of letting the slow speed of your site ruin your digital marketing efforts, you can optimize the speed of your website. 

Reasons for Optimizing Web App for Speed

Here are the benefits of optimizing your website speed:

  1. To Retain the Attention of your Customers or Site Visitors

It is a known fact that people have an extremely short attention span. In fact, attention is a scarce resource on the internet. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your content or service is top-quality. If your website speed is below par, your site visits will decline.

If you take the time to optimize your web app for speed, it will eventually pay off via your site metrics, SERP ranking, and conversation rates. 

  1. Enhanced User Experience

How fast or slow your website loads will make the first impression on your site visitors. If your site loads quickly, it can foster trust in your brand, and visitors will want to stay on your site and navigate every possible area. When they finally exit, chances are very high that they will keep coming back. 

This can be particularly beneficial to upcoming businesses that want to be recognized in their niche industry. The goal should be for your website to take a spot on the speed dial of your visitors. 

  1. It Influences your Site’s Ranking on Google Search Result Pages

More people browse on Google using mobile devices than PCs or laptops. When this development initially took place, Google started considering the mobile experience of web pages as a factor for ranking search results. This means that websites with a better mobile experience will rank higher on Google SERPs. 

One of the most effective ways to optimize your web app for speed is to improve it for mobile phones. If it loads fast on a mobile phone, you’re good to go. Great mobile experience, combined with quality content and effective SEO practices, can take you to the first page on Google SERPs. 

  1. It Influences Conversion Rates

A website with a memorable user experience will have a higher conversion rate than its counterparts. It’s even more surprising that a few milliseconds can be the difference between a slow site and a fast one. Sites with a faster loading time have a higher conversion rate because they convert a higher percentage of new leads and sustain existing customers. 

The Importance of Web App Optimization in Numbers

Statistics from WPO (Web Performance Optimization) show real-time evidence of the importance of web app optimization. They include the following:

  • For every second saved in load time, Walmart enjoyed an increase of 2% in their conversion rate. For every 100 milliseconds saved in load time, Walmart saw a 1% increase in sales revenue.
  • AliExpress increased their site speed by 36%, resulting in an increase of 10.5% in their order placements and an increase of 27% in new conversions.
  • Trainline made their site 0.3 seconds faster, and their customers spent an extra $11.5 million yearly.
  • Revelry made their site 43% faster, resulting in an 8% decrease in bounce rates and a 30% increase in conversion rates. 

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to improve the speed of your site is to hire a WordPress development agency. They specialize in improving WordPress software, precisely plugins, and themes, two of which are key elements affecting a site’s speed. In addition, many websites use WordPress as their platform for content management because it’s an open-source project, it’s easy to use and update.

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