Website or App: Which is Better for Your Business in Qatar?

Offering a dedicated channel to your customers to browse your products and services and having a strong online presence – when it comes to decoding customer happiness in modern times, both of them are vital.

Hence, now is the time to have an impeccable online presence, social media presence and having a dedicated online channel that your customers can use to interact with your brand. And, having a website and app is the best solution. However, not all businesses wish to have both of them or have the budget for them. The final choice can also depend on your business requirements.

To help all our readers make the right choice, we are going to discuss both the website and apps for business at length. Here, you can find useful information to make the final decision and choose the one that suits your business requirements in the best manner.

Mobile Websites – Why choose them and what makes them so great?

The mobile websites or mobile-friendly websites are responsive to the mobile screens and

67% of the customers feel that mobile-friendly websites offer a better shopping experience and they are more likely to make a purchase from them. Further, mobile websites are responsive to mobile screens and functionalities. You can sync your data, bookmarks, downloads and use a single account across all the apps as well. This means that having an optimized mobile website allows you to offer a seamless browsing experience to your customers.

Now that we have used the word “optimized”, let us explore its meaning a bit more.

An optimized mobile website means that the website is designed, planned and upgraded such that the visitors can enjoy a better browsing and shopping experience. All these activities are done as per the data collected over time and is a result of various advanced analytics such as feedback collection, user feedback, heat map analysis and user activity data.

Hence, the optimized websites offer a seamless visitor experience and help you close more sales as well.

Advantages of having a mobile website:

  • A mobile website is accessible from all digital devices and allows you to access your brand offerings as and when required.
  • The mobile websites are perfect for businesses that have more of a static product and service portfolio.
  • Mobile websites offer better product visibility and allow you to showcase your products and services according to visitor data.
  • While the final reach and penetration of a mobile app depend on the number of downloads, the mobile website doesn’t require a download to be used.

Mobile Apps – Why choose them and what makes them so great?

Mobile apps are specific applications that must be downloaded by the users. The apps are different for different OS versions and their device compatibility also varies based on the configuration and hardware requirements. The apps are developed keeping the specific set of functionalities in mind and every change requires an upgrade from the developers’ end and update from the users’ end.

If you are planning to get a mobile app for your business, you must opt for a reputed mobile app development company in Qatar. It is important to learn about the platform, software requirements and functionalities of the app before you start with the development.

An app is a dedicated channel between your brand offerings and your customers. The customers can always get the latest updates, notifications, discount information and other such updates directly on their devices. As a vendor, you don’t have to send separate newsletters or messages etc for marketing. The app data collected from your phone is used to customize the product listings as per your shopping preferences. The recommendations are also decided as per these shopping preferences.

So, if you have an eCommerce business, a mobile app is a better option as compared to a mobile website.

Advantages of having a mobile app:

  • You can offer a consolidated and comprehensive user experience to your customers via the app. Further, you can also optimize this user experience as per the app data collected from the customer.
  • A mobile app allows you to attract new customers via the app store and also allows you to leverage the phone and tablet hardware resources to offer diverse features and functionalities to the customers.

Conclusion – Is Mobile Website and App Best?

As mobile apps become increasingly popular and easy to develop and maintain, almost all businesses are opting for both the apps and websites. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of both these things and make the most of both – overall customer experience and the freedom and ease of use offered by a website.

We hope that the discussion shared here proves helpful for all our readers and that they can make a better choice for their business.

Thanks for reading!