What Are The Lesser Known Facts About Rakhi Festival?

Raksha Bandhan or popularly known as Rakhi festival, is one of the best occasions in India to celebrate the sweet relationship between brothers and sisters in style. This special event is mainly known for strengthening the bond between the two even more by filling it with optimum love, care as well as affection for each other, which was not possible through any other way. It symbolizes the responsibility of sisters to pray for the long life of their male siblings and that of the brother to protect their sisters from various kinds of atrocities throughout their entire life. If yes, then this may be the right place for you as it has many suggestions in this regard.

Hindu Mythology:

It is popularly believed in the Hindu Mythology that Indrani, the wife of Lord Indra once tied a secret thread near his wrist while he was about to leave for a war against the demons. This relationship acquired various meanings with passing time, and on today’s date the thread is tied by sisters on the wrist of their brothers, and in return, they receive a creatively customized rakhi gift from them.

This event is usually marked on the full moon or Purnima during the month of Shravana. Another famous tale is closely associated with the story of Yam and Yamuna. It is said that once river Jamuna got very happy and excited when she came to know that her brother Yam, popularly known as the death God was visiting her after a long time. She fed him with many delicious foods and tied Rakhi on his wrist as a token of love and respect for him. In return the death God blessed her with a boon of immortality.

Celebrated In Many Countries:

Did you know that this festival is happily celebrated in many countries other than India? If not, then better understand it now. It is one of the most prominent celebrations in countries like Nepal, Mauritius, USA, Sri-Lanka and UAE because it represents the strong bonding between brothers and sisters, both real as well as cousins. Not many people are aware of the fact that Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas and daughter in law of king Pandu of Mahabharata one tied a pious thread to Lord Krisha.

Rabindranath Tagore And Raksha Bandhan:

Very few people know that Rakhi was mainly used as a social device to unite all the Indian by the noble award-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore against the atrocious Britishers. The hardcore freedom fighter suggested that main aim of sharing this pious thread was to establish a cordial relationship between the Hindus and Muslims of India, both of whom had many prejudices against each other at that time that significantly strained their relation. Today, this occasion has spread its range beyond the geographical borders of the nation of its origin and deserves to be celebrated by sharing professionally customized gifts for Rakhi among the most favourite ones.

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Victory Of Humayun Over Bahadur Shah:

It is also believed that Rani Karanavati sent a Rahi to the Mughal emperor Humanyun for seeking protection of her kingdom against Bahadur Shah, the sultan of Gujarat, who attacked it with a massive military and armoury. Although Humayun failed to save the life of the queen, he kept the promise made by him to safeguard her territory by badly defeating Bahadur Shah and handing over the kingdom to the queen’s son & you can send rakhi to bangalore.

Hope you will get to know about various lesser-known facts about the Rakhi festival. Please browse through the internet if you want to know more in this regard.