What is academic writing and examples? 10 Features of Academic Writing

Academic writing is scholarly work supported with evidence and facts. It is significant for the students to understand what academic writing is and how it can impact their academic careers. In academic life, it is considered the most considerable writing style because it is a primary method of scholarly communication. Indeed, students, researchers, and professors use this writing style to convey ideas and arguments. Writing persuades, analyzes, and informs the reader to engage in scholarly dialogue. This blog is about academic writing, academics writing examples, and the features of this writing style.

What Is Academic Writing?

It is a writing style that broadly communicates, shares, and delivers ideas to the broader academic community. This writing style is characterized by ideas, evidence-based arguments, precise word choice, and interpersonal tone. Basically, it is a process that breaks down concepts, uses deductive reasoning and a third-person point of view. In this writing style, one must support his point of view and arguments through solid evidence. Colleges and universities mostly use this writing style. Professors expect students to submit quality academic work during the semester. But many reasons can hinder students in writing their academic tasks. In such a case, taking help from the best writing services could benefit you. Many assignment help websites provide educational assistance to the students. All you need is to choose the best writing services that meet your assignment criteria.

What Are Academics Writing Examples?

Academic writing is a formal style that is produced in an educational setting. It comes in many forms. Are you interested to know what the common academic writing examples are? Well! Here we have mentioned. Let’s look at these academics writing examples produced for various reasons.

  • Abstract writing
  • Academic journal articles
  • Bibliography
  • Conference paper
  • Book reports
  • Assignment writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Essay writing
  • Research paper
  • Literary criticism
  • Thesis
  • Research proposal
  • Textbooks

Most Common Academic Writing Features

Here we have listed the academic writing features. Let’s have a look at each one of them.

Structured: Academic writing with a clear structure drives the genre of writing. For example, an essay should have a clear structure, starting with an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraph, topic sentences, and conclusion. In short, one has to write in a structured manner with a coherent and logical progression.

Clear and Concise:  An academic paper should be clear and concise with a narrow focus. For instance, every paragraph and sentence should connect with your thesis statement while writing a research paper. Also, all the content of your article must support the thesis statement.

Evidence-Based Arguments: In an academic paper, you must support your arguments and viewpoints through solid evidence. You have to give the appropriate references to help your point of view. Furthermore, scholarly articles or other sources must endorse statements because they provide the arguments with credibility.

Critical: It is one of the crucial academic writing features. It states that academic writing is not just limited to the description. One has to analyze and evaluate the information they are writing. In short, critical writing demands a lot of research to create a better and deep understanding of the topic.

Precise: It is a kind of writing that should be precise and clear so the reader can easily understand the meaning. Don’t add unnecessary information in your writing because it will create ambiguity for the reader. Instead, be precise in whatever you are writing.

Few More Featured You Need to Incorporate In Your Writing Style

Interpersonal Tone: This writing aims to convey logical arguments with expressive language. It restricts emotional speech, slang words, and discriminatory language. Whether you agree or disagree on some point, you need to present it accurately and formally.

Balanced: You need to write with a balance. That means you have to give consideration to all sides and avoid biases. An academic writer should have to support their stans on a specific topic. In short, balanced writing looks more promising than biased writing.

Formal: Academic writing is considered the most formal writing. It focuses on using complex sentences rather than using colloquial words and expressions. Thus, consider using such corrections in your academic paper and avoid repetitive words to impress your professor.

Objective: This writing tends to be more objective. In this writing style, the emphasis is placed on arguments and information. It focuses on using nouns and pronouns more than verbs and adverbs. Also, it tends to use a more passive structure rather than an active voice.

Explicit: One of those academic writing features focuses on clearly presenting ideas. Reasonably structure your academic paper. Also, focus on the clarity of words and phrases.


Academic writing is a scholarly work that is based on arguments and evidence. It has a significant contribution to students’ overall grades. Earlier, we have discussed commonly known academics writing examples. As an academic writer, you need to consider the writing features discussed earlier. If you have difficulty completing academic tasks, acquire help from the best writing services online.