What is HGV Driver Training

hgv driver training

HGV Driver Training, from which you can learn how accurate you have to be if you are going to perform driving. This means after the successful knowledge of HGV driver training you will easily drive any vehicle or you will get the legal authority to drive any vehicle. For this training, all you need is to fulfill some documentation which will be asked by the conductor. In this documentation session, all you need is to provide your original documents, issued by the government. For the training aspect, it’s your responsibility to provide accurate information otherwise you will be declared a fraud. That’s why documentation plays an important role from a verification point of view. For becoming an HGV driver, training is a must. 

The very first step of your training includes a medical test. In medical tests, you need to be medically fit, and after that, you have to go through with some of the basic knowledge of the traffic signals, traffic rules and various types of vehicles. 

This basic information is very useful because as the next step, you have to go for the practical test in which the common questions regarding vehicles or traffic are included. In this practical test, it is mandatory to score well so that you will move into the next step, otherwise, you will be disqualified. As moving ahead, the last step is to learn to drive. Because if you want to become a HGV driver then it is important to have better driving skills. 

Sometimes you will see that there are those people who don’t know how to drive but still they are driving at their own risk. So it is more convenient to learn to drive from the experienced one, and you will find this experienced instructor in the HGV driver training center.

How many Trainings are offered in HGV driver training center

So now for the final step, you have to go through with the most important round which is called licence round. Licence is the most important thing, without the licence you will not be able to drive any vehicle. 

There are Six HGV Driver training programs, and with the help of these programs, you will be able to get your licence. 

  • The first course of training includes a C1 course, with the help of this you will be able to drive those vehicles which weigh under 3500 to 7500 kg. 
  • The second course is CAT C with the help of this you will be able to drive those vehicles which weigh around 32 tonnes.
  •  The third course is C + E, with the help of this you will be able to drive vehicles which contain heavy goods without any restriction.
  • In the fourth course the individual will understand what are the rules and regulations of driving, it goes under ADR. 
  • As in the fifth course of training the training of the cranes will be provided to the candidate, called Hiab training. 
  • The sixth course is Telescopic Handler Training, which usually includes the training of JCBs. 

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