What is Pranic Healing and It’s Benefits

It’s a synthesis of historical, esoteric healing techniques which were rediscovered researched and tested over years with demonstrated success by the creator of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

What is this life force?

Pranic Healing was described as a very simple and very powerful technology which could be used with immediate advantages to the individual.

What’s this life force?Simply place, it’s ENERGY!

All matter in the world is basically composed of — ENERGY!!!

It just is not your physical body we’re referring to this. Are you aware that your ideas and feelings are only energy waves which may really be measured using tools? Your relationships and the total amount of money you make are fundamentally energy’routines’. What’s intriguing is that most human beings possess the innate ability to sense and’change’ power .

Energy may be changed

Think of what this may mean to youpersonally? If it’s possible to know how to utilize energy, then it helps change all of the negative benefits in your own life into favorable consequences — illness into well-being, deficiency into prosperity, anxiety into calmness of mind and neglecting relationships into healthful, powerful bonds.

So because Pranic Healing utilizes energy, there’s a good deal more to it than only the recovery component. It not only makes you conscious of the air around your body — the’chakras’ (energy centres ) and their consequences on our health, but also teaches us how to sense or scan the air and ascertain which regions of the chakras could possibly be impacted. By studying about energy, we become conscious about its ubiquitous presence, be it in people, buildings as well as things.

The Gist of Prana

What’s the fundamental distinction between a dead and living person? Both individuals have a human body, a group of organs and countless cells. What distinguishes them is a’hidden’ force which gives one person the consciousness and awareness to experience living while inducing another individual ro encounter a permanent black-out.

It’s pervasive; we’re now in a sea of Life Energy”

Basics Behind Pranic Science

The basic principles of Pranic Healing are

  • Rule of Self- Recovery — The inherent ability of each living being to cure itself
  • Rule of Life Force — Recovery procedure can be hastened by raising the pranic life force of the person

How does this function?

This life force is also distinguished as universal vitality; it really isn’t the healer’s energy. Trained Pranic Healers accessibility and transmit global energy to the individual with specific frequencies and Methods for specific ailments and conditions

  1. Pranic Healing is performed without touching.
  2. Pranic Healing is a 3 step procedure which greatly accelerates the body’s inherent ability to heal in all levels: physical, psychological, psychological and spiritual.
  3. Assessing – Scanning for vitality abnormalities
  4. cleansing – Eliminating energy abnormalities: used to get rid of dirty or diseased energy within the human body and also to eliminate blockages in the energy channels.
  5. Replenishing and revitalizing with daily life pressure – Energizing: the transference of new’prana’ or life energy into the human body and is used after the cleanup procedure is completed.To provide an instance, when we reduce our hands or bruise our thighs, our body automatically takes the required actions to avoid blood loss and fix the cells that are damaged. Our bodies are constantly exposed to many different toxins, pollutants and chemicals in the surroundings we live in but our’in-built’ defense system struggles of all of these germs and shields us. If we are happy and healthy, we all feel all composed and are filled with energy. If we are ill or angry, we feel drained or down out. To put it differently, a wholesome body has plenty of prana as a ill or dis-eased body is reduced on prana. The recovery procedure of a person is accelerated by raising the prana life force in them that is easily available from sunlight, air and ground.

Some Advantages of Pranic Healing

  1. In cases of fever, parents may bring down the temperature of the children in Only a few hours
  2. Coughs and colds can usually be relieved in per day
  3. Major disorders like liver, eye, kidney, and heart problems can be partly or significantly alleviated in a few sessions
  4. Increased wellbeing and improved endurance
  5. Inner peace and enjoyment
  6. better memory and concentration
  7. Quick spiritual expansion
  8. Reduced strain
  9. better social abilities
  10. Greater self-esteem
  11. Attain the capability to attract Decent chance and be prosperous

Where do I learn? Online Pranic Healing classes are regularly conducted in various parts of India. To get details of a class scheduled in your area or to contact one of our Authorised Pranic Healing Instructors, please contact the Pranic Healing Foundation nearest you.

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