What to write on a wedding card?

So, you have finally found a perfect wedding card for the to-be-married couple after a long and hard shopping session. The lesson is hard work always pays off. Nevertheless, the hard part is not over yet because you have still to figure out what to write in this amazing wedding card. While there are no hard-and-fast rules on what to write on a wedding card, your message should be heartfelt and original.

Wedding Card Etiquette

Needless to say, a wedding card is customary when you want to send your wishes to the newlywed or engaged couple. According to the traditional wedding guest etiquette, the guests either bring the card to the reception or mail to the couple a few weeks after the wedding. You can send the card even when you are not invited because the wedding is small. If you are not sure about what to write on the card, these tips from Emily Brooks will help. Emily writes on lifestyle and wedding related topics on Fergus James, a celebrity engagement ring designer.

As for the format of the wedding card, there exist multiple. You would find the standard greeting cards at the local stationery shops or cute gift shops. You can also look out for an online store, as some of them have a pretty nice stock. Many stores offer personalized cards as well. There is a growing trend of giving homemade wedding cards. You can go for those too. These are simple, digitally created messages that are printed and sent off to the given address along with the gift.

All of these options are perfectly fine and count as the wedding card. Once you decide any one of them, there is no need to buy more than one.

What to Write on the Wedding Card?

So, you have decided on the format and the design of the card. Now is the time to write a nice, warm message in it. Many people find themselves staring at the blank space for quite a span—unable to come up with anything. As simple as the task may seem, it might take a lot of your time. Here are a few things to consider while writing the greetings on the wedding card.


Obviously, you will congratulate the couple through the card. That is the whole purpose of sending off a wedding card, isn’t it? Congratulating the newly-weds (or engaged) is like a supportive pat on the back. So, you should ensure that the gesture serves its purpose. It should not be some run-on-the-mill, standardized text. Make it personal and heartfelt.

It will be good to share a short anecdote or funny remark on the couple’s journey to the matrimony if you know them well. Otherwise, a simple “You guys are great together, love you both” will do. Another idea would be, “It makes us happy to see you happy. Congratulations!”

Remind Them of a Memory

Make your greeting special by sharing a memory. If you are a close friend and have seen the couple grow, remind them of the bright memories they may have forgotten. Something like “We knew it was made in heaven as soon as we say you two meet,” fits well if you want to keep it short. You can also remind them the first time they met, “Not all prince charming come on a white horse, some find you in a long queue for movie tickets”.

Thank them for Inviting You

Thank them for letting you be a part of their special day. Let them know that you are happy to join their happy moment. You can simply write, “Thank you for letting me witness you two tying the knot!”

Apologize If You Cannot Make It

Sending a wedding card to the newlywed couple becomes even more important when you could not attend the wedding. It is the way of telling the couple that you are with them in spirit albeit not there physically.

In this scenario, apologize first and then extend your wishes. “I am extremely sorry for not being there to celebrate the big day with you. I am definitely gonna miss the bouquet, the dress, and the first dance. But I will never miss on the opportunity to wish you all the happiness of the world and congratulate you on the beginning of this amazing journey!”

Sign Off

Now is the time to sign off. Wrap up your card with a signature and a reiteration of your warm wishes. “Have an amazing honeymoon,” or “stay happy today and always,” is a nice way to sign off your card.

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