Roof Leak Trenton MI.: What Takes Place When Leaky Roof Leads to Electrical Issues

Water can easily travel through any small available space. Water can get into your home if there is a hole in your roof. Roof leak Trenton MI. is a delicate issue in a roofing system. As soon as the water got into the roof, it would find its way down to other parts of the roofing system. If care is not taken, it will get to the wiring in your home. In addition, water is not friendly to electricity, which can lead to fatal issues in the home.

Roof Leak Trenton MI. Connection from Roof to Your Wiring

For water to get into your home, there must be a crack or hole on the roof. At a point, the roof deck starts to rot. Then, water starts dripping into the attic through the deck. With time the water dripping becomes regular anytime it rains. Then water starts pooling.

After a while, the insulation beneath the leaks becomes soaked. The water then starts to travel down to anything beneath it. Under the insulation is the junction box. The junction box is the point where electrical connections are made. There are bare or live wires, and they are always hot. This is because so high electricity runs through them. At this stage of leaking, the water gets mixed with electricity.

Result of Water and Electricity Mix

Water is known to be a good conductor of electricity unless it is pure and distilled. When water gets in touch with live electric wire, the charge immediately runs the pool of water in a flash. Any other electrical conductor or wire that comes in touch with the water gets charged immediately. In this situation, anything of the following can happen:

  • Fire outbreak: Uncontrolled electricity will overheat wires. When this happens, it leads to a fire outbreak.
  • Electric shock: When electric charges are not well-grounded, they can lead to shocks. This could cause death or severe injuries if care is not taken.
  • Electrical system damage: This event could destroy the whole electrical system. Water is corrosive, and the more it spreads, the more it causes damage. The damage could be severe if the water gets to the electric panel. In addition, it can increase the danger of fire disasters.

A Solution to Electric and Water Mix in the Home

When you suspect your roof leak is getting near your electric system or junction box, smartly switch off the entire electric system immediately. Then you can invite a professional electrician to come and confirm if anything has been compromised. Also, make sure you call in a roofer to fix the root cause of the leak. 


Water and electricity are not friendly. So it is advised that you should do everything possible to keep water off your roofing system. When a leak is noticed, call for a quick fix to save yourself and your family from unforeseen disasters. Roof leak Trenton MI., is not tolerated. Keep your home safe and let nothing jeopardize your safety and comfort.