Which Car Insurance Is Best For A Subaru Wrx?

subaru wrx insurance

The Most Cited Reasons for Subaru Wrx Insurance

There are several reasons someone would want to choose car insurance and one of the most important would be whether their vehicle involved in a collision. There are a few reasons that are too common to not mention in this article, like collisions with deer on roads or when you don’t hold your title current.

Out of all the cars on the market today, the Subaru Wrx has been in the news the most recently since it can be considered dangerous to drive. Because of this, they are not looking at a lifetime of happiness but rather underpaying for their insurance because they have more high risk car than some other cars. The top cited reasons for why someone may need insurance are; that they received 6 citations and 3 DUI’s, theft of their car which cost them $40,000 and so on.

How Much Insurance Should I Buy For A Subaru Wrx?

The new 2018 Subaru Wrx has many safety features, but if you’re still unsure about which insurance company to go with, Ford Motor Company’s breakdown coverage is the best value for your ride. However, if you want a larger vehicle that has a lower rate, get Progressive Insurance because their “No Claim Bonus” will help reduce your car insurance cost by 10% each year.

After comparing various rates for the Subaru Wrx, a 2016 WRX, I found that driving the WRX costs about $385 a year. This is not much more than driving a Lexus 400h which I would save $2,674 per year if I buy it instead of my current ride. There are also other considerations to take before upgrading to a higher performance vehicle like an Audi A 4 which cost north of $10,799 per year with premiums.

If you’re looking for car insurance, Subaru Wrx is a great choice. It’s not necessarily a cheap vehicle, but with the safety features and reputation for safety, car insurance for Subaru is relatively affordable. The average annual cost of insuring a Subaru Wrx starts at $2,384 and rises to up over $12,615 including collision coverage. This total, while high, falls below the median annual premium of all US vehicles in 2018 which was $3,309

What are the disadvantages to Subaru wrx insurance?

Subaru Wrx insurance is one of your most expensive car insurance options, so it makes sense that some people might be hesitant to buy it. However, Subaru has numerous features that make it worth the money. For starters, Subaru wrx insurance features including being able to drive away in low-range gear and automatically apply the brakes while driving on snow or wet surfaces.

A common argument for young drivers is to get a Subaru wrx because it’s inexpensive to insure. The downside is that with low theft rates, you’re not going to be reimbursed for your car in case of a crash. Other factors are the lack of collision coverage and higher premiums overall.

What is the best type of car insurance for a subaru wrx?

There are three different car insurance types, personal , commercial, and combined. A personal insurance is ideal for people with a low risk, who have cars that can be insured under ten thousand dollars. It includes basic liability and comprehensive coverage, but does not include collision or comprehensive coverage. A commercial one includes liability only and would be ideal for someone who needs more protection than basic coverage provides. A combination of these two options is recommended for any high-profile individual or company that owns expensive cars.

Car insurance is a necessary form of protection. Many people tend to be unaware of all the different types, but there are five main types. In addition, if someone has to buy insurance, they must narrow down which type is best for them not just their upcoming year’s car, but their car as a whole before making an attempt to select the best policy to offer them.


Subaru Wrx has many potential victims if it crashes due to its high speed, power, and handling capabilities that can lead to injuries or death. We always suggest finding an insurance policy with the most comprehensive coverage to ensure these accidents have minimal effects on your car’s resale and replacement cost.