Which is the best coaching for UPSC in Delhi with small batch size?

These days, small batch size Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi is producing best selections in UPSC Exam, it is because of the one-to-one interaction and a proper attention to the students, which is actually a must need for the preparation of the UPSC Examination.

You can’t predict the Covid status and you can’t stop your preparation in mid, so somewhere you need to be ready with a proper arrangement of classes or a coaching which can support you in both the modes and also can help you to clear your doubts even when you are preparing in the online mode.

A huge batch size can never be good for an aspirant, as you can’t get an opportunity to ask questions in the classroom even during the offline classes, it is because the teachers have limited time allotted by the coaching to cover the syllabus of a particular subject so they under pressure can’t take the questions from every student.

EDEN IAS is one the most chosen coaching with a small batch size. They take around 70 students per class and they shift the students to different batches if it exceeds more then 70 students in a batch.

There are some advantages of joining a small batch size coaching like EDEN IAS, they provide you the daily answer writing sheets which they evaluate quite on time within 24b hrs. Such answer writing homework sheets keep you in a competitive pace.

This is the daily practice paper provided as in form of a daily answer writing from the day one when we start the preparation. This helps to feel the real part of the UPSC preparation and makes the aspirant think in the right direction of the preparation.

Most of the times it happens that the aspirants start their preparation but they take a lot of time to start the answer writing practice, which is actually a must for the UPSC Mains examination.

These daily practice sheets can’t be provided by a coaching with a huge crowd, as the idea of daily maintaining such things for the crowd is quite impractical.

The questions asked in such sheets are taken from the concepts which are been taught on the same day. The most important goal it achieves is to work on the application part of the preparation.

Is Online Coaching is better than Offline coaching for UPSC CSE?

If you are a serious UPSC aspirant, Online or Offline hardly matters to you. There are some aspirants who say that they do not like online classes as they don’t feel the discipline as they feel during their offline classes.

But if you take the real scenario, you would find that you are fortunate enough to find yourself in a mindset where you can think about your career plan, there are many families who have lost their loved ones during the covid. We all know this disease can reach anybody and can ruin any plan, so the best way to stick to your plan is by developing the self-discipline and starting with the online classes.

Now coming to the benefits of online classes –

  1. You get a chance to revise your classes – Whenever you attend an offline class there is no chance of getting the class for doubt clearing or even for a revision before the exam. In online mode you can re watch any video as per your convenience and at least for two times (most of the coaching they give this leverage).
  2. You can take Notes in your own convenient way – It becomes easy for you to take notes in a very flexible way when you take an online class. The notes making has a huge importance during the UPSC preparation, as these notes are going to help you for revision before the exam.
  3. The online classes are easy going and you can take a short break between the classes as well that helps you to develop a good efficiency.
  4. Health is Wealth – You can keep yourself during this harsh period of time from covid.
  5. You can take regular doubt counter with the mentors and work on your improvement through regular answer writing and test series.

All what you need is a good and friendly user interface and a supportive coaching for the preparation. EDEN IAS is one most supportive coaching helped many of the aspirants during the covid times. They have a good support team, which calls you to take an idea of preparation and also connects you with the teachers. They also take care of your regular discipline whether you are attempting all your test series on time or not. The ranking system helps to develop the competitive niche with other students.

EDEN IAS is very famous for its foundation batch and also helps many aspirants, for test series, daily based answer writing, ethics case studies which are very interactive with Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir. You can check the quality of their online lectures on the EDEN IAS YouTube channel.

Always remember… You are preparing for UPSC there should be nothing in this world to stop you to reach your goals.

How do we cover daily answer writing practice for UPSC Mains 2022?

EDEN IAS STEPS follows a unique pattern taking every single day of the week as a daily answer writing challenge for the IAS Mains 2022. The answer writing strategy is as follows: The aspirant would get 4 questions covering the areas of the syllabus on the basis of a given day and provided a part of the syllabus by the faculty.

 Mains Answer Writing evaluation within 75 hrs along with the best copy of the day and Model answers for self-evaluation and comparison; at the end of the week, there will be a discussion of all the GS questions by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary.