Why Every Student is Interested in Knowing About MBBS in China

About MBBS in China

Education is the basic foundation for aspirants and students to get ahead in their careers. Education had many factors such as having a great environment, great methodology and a well-defined education system. MBBS in China is particularly important for MBBS students across all parts of the World. The education system is completely different in different countries. As MBBS in China is one of the best education systems it has a low-cost tuition cost. The low-cost tuition is also accompanied by scholarships by the government as well as private institutions. These institutions provide scholarships to students who are eligible and have a keen interest in it. Students can experience a great extent of cultural diversity.

The education council also enhances the betterment of the children by giving them practical learning rather than theoretical learning. Practical learning is focused on clinics and laboratories. The practical learning is also focused on having a 1-year internship for the students. The 1-year internship is completed under the supervision of professional doctors and reputed hospitals. Internships from Chinese universities can also be recognised in India. The education degree of MBBS is recognised by NMC(National Medical Commission), WHO(World Health Organization) and MoE(Ministry of Education). It is also recognised by major organizations in Europe.

About China

China has the world’s largest population in World. A population of 140 crores and increasing day by day. It also has the 3rd largest land area in the World. The need English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL Exam is also not required for admission. They just need the NEET Scorecard with over 200 marks for the students. The capital city of China is Beijing. As being a neighboring country it has the benefits of travel assistance. The educational council and government focus on the MBBS in China. The duration of MBBS is a total of 5 years and 1 year of internship. The internship helps the students to get practical knowledge. The average student-to-teacher ratio is 13:1. More than 5,000 medical students from India are there every year competing for their success.

About education system

The education system is quite based on practical knowledge by the students. It includes clinical and laboratory knowledge. The theoretical knowledge is guided by having a revised note for the students. The revised notes are quite beneficial for the students that are made by the senior lecturers. The language of the MBBS is the English language. The basic language of the country is Chinese and most universities are bilingual in language. The universities also had an impressive FMGE passing rate.

Documents required

Some of the documents required for the MBBS in China are as follows –

  • Medical Report
  • Financial Proof
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Birth certificate
  • Original passport
  • NEET Scorecard
  • 10th Class Transcripts
  • 12th Class Transcripts

Eligibility for MBBS in China

From 2003-2004 the students started getting admitted to China. The MCI(Medical Council of India) set some rules for Abroad students from 2007-2008. Eligibility for MBBS in China was set to study MBBS in China. A minimum of 50% aggregate marks is required in the major subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. From the year 2017-2018 MCI(Medical Council of India) started taking the neat examination for students who wish to continue their careers in the medical field. From 2019, NEET Examination will be valid for 3 years.

Some of the universities for MBBS in China

MBBS in China includes many universities that are under the NMC(National Medical Commission) including Tianjin Medical University, Beihua Medical University, Jinan University, Southern Medical University, Fudan University and Wuhan Medical University. MBBS in China fees for these universities are also low as compared to the education provided.

The living standard of MBBS in China

Hostels have quite good facilities for MBBS in China. Facilities included under the hostels of MBBS include facilities such as accommodation, high-speed internet, water, electricity and AC Rooms which are quite beneficial for the students. The living cost for MBBS in China is also low as compared to many other universities. Hostels provide good education facilities such as the library, gymnasium and swimming pool.