Why Is Attestation Required For a UAE Visa?

For foreign businessmen and professionals, moving to the UAE can be a fascinating notion. However, before making a vital decision, you must adhere to numerous legal requirements. Important credentials must be attested in order to be used for employment or residence in the UAE. It is necessary to attest your certificates to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) in order to demonstrate the legitimacy of your documents.


Getting an attestation stamp from the UAE embassy or consulate is a formal process that will provide evidence of the document’s verification. UAE Embassy attestation is the authentication of papers required to conduct business in the UAE or apply for a visa there. It is essential because it will certify your status as a lawful person. It is necessary to have the relevant documents verified at various levels of government before the paper can be attested. Only those who are authorized may attest to the papers. Document attestation required for a UAE visa includes academic, personal, and business records.  It is a measure of protection that demonstrates to the UAE government your reliability. Additionally, when you travel for work or business, doing so will increase confidence between your boss and employee, or between two businessmen.


The three types of documents are listed below:

  • Commercial Certificates
  • Educational Certificates
  • Non-Educational Certificates.

Different certificates require different types of  UAE attestation. There are numerous subcategories for UAE attestation of certificates. For educational, immigration, and employment purposes in other countries, educational certificate attestation is performed on degree credentials, diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, HSC certifications, etc. The attestation of non-educational certificates involves confirming the authenticity of personal papers, including birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, experience certificates, etc. The verification of all papers related to business, trading, etc. is a part of commercial document attestation.


Commercial Certificates

  • To be granted the ability to sell homes in one’s own country.
  • To eliminate the LLC partnership.
  • To create a bank account.
  • Business registration.

Educational Certificates

  • To obtain a work visa or work card to complete the project.
  • To pursue further education in the UAE.
  • To compile assessments for the MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Department of Health) from experts, medical professionals, drug experts, lab professionals, etc.
  • To obtain the appropriate authentications.

Non-Educational Certificates

  • To obtain a residence visa for the partner, kids, and in-laws.
  • For school admission ( using a Transfer Certificate).


An attestation service in UAE  is required for the purposes listed below:


If you possess every document that has been verified and is necessary for your trip to the UAE, you can feel comfortable in every way. The authorities won’t inquire into your motives or withhold your documents. The UAE attestation can also be used for immigration, trade, travel, education, and other purposes.

Secures You As A Foreign Citizen

As soon as you move to the UAE with all the proven documentation, you are granted your status as a foreigner. If you are an Indian national, the Indian Embassy in the UAE will oversee and fully safeguard you. You won’t be held accountable for entering the UAE illegally. Also, if there is a crisis, you may always contact the Indian Embassy without any issues. Yet if you enter the UAE without the attested documents, you won’t be able to use all these services.

Eases Residence And Other Facilities

Once you have completed the UAE attestation and obtained the visa, you will be permitted to utilize all services as a foreigner. These services include housing, education, and other necessary amenities. But, you would undoubtedly need to be concerned about suffering legal repercussions if you enter the UAE illegally.


For several reasons, such as work visas, student visas, resident visas, or professional considerations, we seek UAE embassy attestation for visas. It is undoubtedly a sign of assurance that shows you are a sincere person or organization visiting the UAE with no ill will. Your documents’ legitimacy is confirmed by the UAE Certificate Attestation, which supports your entry into the country.


The following are the procedures for UAE certificate attestation:

District Level

That is the first stage of the legalization procedure for the UAE embassy’s attestation. The notary, the organization where the papers were issued, or, in the case of business documents, the Chamber of Commerce, may perform this level of verification by the rules.

State Government

Three different entities independently verify state certifications in accordance with the specifications of the document type. The State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) are these departments. SDM is independent of the state government, however, it performs the verification for UAE attestation, which is considered at the state level.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Before adding an MEA stamp, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MEA verifies documents with UAE embassy certification one last time. MEA is the primary organization in charge of the country’s foreign affairs.

Embassy Attestation

Representatives of the country whose documents are being legalized carry out this task. It is the final stage of UAE embassy attestation for the majority of nations after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Hiring a professional service provider to complete the task for you is necessary because document attestation can be difficult and time-consuming. They will collect your certificate from your home and return it back following the attestation. Service providers who attest documents have all the necessary skills and expertise for the task, and they are familiar with the entire attestation procedure for various sorts of papers. It will expedite, simplify, and streamline the entire attestation process.