Why is Laravel the First Choice of Developers for Backend Web Development?

“It’s a never-ending dilemma to choose a framework for backend web development.” Do you feel the same? You won’t once you start using Laravel.

Laravelhas always been one of the most popular choices for backend web development. This can be attributed to its simple syntax and built-in features. Using this, a Laravel development company finds it easy to code in a productive manner.

It’s also one of the top 10 PHP frameworks that speed up your web development process. Weebly, ssyoutube.com, mynet.com, are already empowering their business with Laravel.

So now, let’s figure out what makes Laravel so desired among web developers across the globe.

1. Easy Syntax

Coding in Laravel feels amazing to developers due to a quick learning curve. It’s easy to learn and use, which makes it the top choice for web development projects.

2. Security

A Laravel development company always keeps security at the optimal level. It is pre-equipped with features like data management, user authentication, data filtration, etc. 

It also prevents SQL injection and cross-forgery requests. So, you don’t have to worry about malicious attacks on the database. 

Moreover, Laravel utilizes Bcrypt and Argon2 hash mechanisms for storing passwords in an encrypted format. This reduces threats and makes all the passwords secure.

3. Blade Template Engine

Laravel has the blade template engine. It’s simple and powerful that simplifies syntax writing and comes with its own structure. Web developers can deploy it for designing an attractive layout and master templates. They can also use CSS widgets to add attractive elements and reduce site loading time. Some pre-defined templates are also available that enable the use of your own code.

4. Community Base

Laravel has a large community base because it’s open source. You can check online for many community forums and websites. Hence, junior larval developers can learn a lot from seniors. They can take help from fellow developers on such platforms. This way, even someone with 20 days of experience can master Laravel in a short time.

5. Eloquent Object-Oriented Mapper

Laravel’s eloquent object-oriented mapper (ORM) offers web developers an ActiveRecord implementation. It facilitates the moderation and control of the database. You can even build database queries with the PHP syntax rather than using SQL queries.

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6. Model-View-Controller

If you are looking to save time in web application development, Laravel MVC is perfect. It uses the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture design. Because of it, your web app will disintegrate into three parts – model, view, and controller. In today’s modern web development scenario, MVC is considered a good practice.

  • The model manages the data handling functionality and responds to the user’s requests.
  • View yields the front-end part of your web application and receives the request for the model.
  • It’s the controller that process and transfers all the requests to end users.

This approach aids in faster development along. Apart from that, better security, enhanced performance, and higher scalability.

7. User Authentication

Most modern websites need user authentication to avoid fake users. Yet, it’s not always easy to put in place a complex login process in a few lines of code. 

Thanks to Laravel development servicesyou hire, will keep it simple. With a single command and built-in authentication, you can verify a user. 

The Auth and Session facades in the Laravel framework rely on cookies-based authentication. They oversee every generated request.

8. Unit Testing

Laravel is not limited to tight security and impressive performance. It supports testing of your app too. You can build an impeccable web product with the help of its unit testing feature. 

Unit testing will test each module of your web app to ensure no crash or error shows up in the end. The Laravel framework also comes with automation testing support. It reduces the time of testing an app.

9. Database Migration

Laravel stands out from all PHP frameworks due to the database migration feature. You don’t have to face data synchronization issues with development machines anymore.

10. Libraries & Modular

Developers can access many object-oriented pre-built libraries. You can take the example of the authentication library. It has password reset, CSRF protection, and several other features. Another important thing to note is the auto-complete support of all the libraries. You won’t get the same feature in any other PHP development framework.

Final Thoughts

Laravel is one of the most powerful PHP development frameworksavailable today. It can be used to create all types of stunning web apps. It has a huge community and lots of tutorials. In fact, developers or a Laravel development company can have plenty of fun while coding.
It’s an ideal framework to explore coding skills. You can create whatever apps you want to. In case you don’t have the time to work on your Laravel project, hiring a Laravel developer will ease your job.