Why we must change our habits and stop littering

Humans are not set in plaster; they’re more like clay, constantly getting molded by their changing circumstances. We are probably on species who have been given the freedom to think, and choose who we want to be. How ironic is that most of us still chose to be garbage? When it comes to littering, for us humans, the sky is the limit. No, literally, we are not only littering our own planet but astronauts are doing the deed even in outer space.

According to NASA there are approximately 181,000 kilograms of forgotten trash on moon’s surface, along with ninety-six bags of urine and vomit, there are:

  • Old boots
  • Towels
  • Backpacks
  • Wet wipes
  • Magazines
  • Cameras
  • Blankets
  • Shovels

After several international missions, there are now seventy spacecraft on the lunar surface, including crashed orbiters and rovers.

From high skies to the pits of ocean, there is no escaping humanity’s wasteful habits; everything is singing glorified tales of human littering. Our oceans are filled with plastic waste like:

  • Polystyrene
  • Films
  • Fishing lines
  • Fragments and 
  • Pellets washed from ships and coastlines. 

There is a huge floating Island of trash, almost size of Texas (270,000 sq km) in Pacific Ocean. The rotating current in ocean traps the trash, breaking it down into tiny pieces. These tiny pieces are worse than the bigger chunks of trash. Biologists believe the rubbish could by helping some species flourish while others suffer.

What is causing this excessive littering?

  1. Sense of self-entitlement of humans
  2. Bigger corporations and packaging industry

Sense of self-entitlement of humans

Humans apparently invented packaging to facilitate and make life easier. I always think about the story of the dumb man who ended up cutting the same branch he was sitting on, whenever I hear about use of plastic packaging for protection, preservation and placement of products. We are ruining the planet we are living on and for what? Just to make money? 

Imagine having billions of dollars, but the planet is dead, there is no oxygen, no clean water, no food, what would you do with the money then?

Humans by nature are programmed to make bad life choices, if it wasn’t the case Adam and Eve would’ve done everything to stay in heaven. The fact that they ended up on earth is proof enough that human are not capable of making wise decisions.

Bigger corporations and packaging industry

Everyday billions of tons of waste is added to the atmosphere. 99% of this waste comes from packaging; food packaging, cosmetic packaging, FMCG packaging, beverage packaging, cigarette packaging, fashion (apparel and shoes) packaging etc. Everything comes in packaging; there is no concept of a product without packaging. Even a product as small as fake eyelashes come in Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. 

I was trying to understand the logic behind it. Everything natural is so expensive, natural cosmetics, organic food, clothes made with natural fibers, a regular human doesn’t even have access to these things anymore. You must have tons of money if you want natural things. The truth is, there are enough natural resources available on earth for everyone, we don’t even need synthetic crap, but greed of a handful of people (literally 8 billionaires in the world hold more than half of world’s wealth) is causing all this suffering a misery.

When God created all these humans, he made sure there were enough resources for everyone; it’s the humans, their greed to hoard everything for themselves. They keep the natural resources to themselves, and force others to live off on buying synthetic crap made by them.

All our FMCG, fast moving fashion, genetically engineered food, food grown with artificial fertilizers, is ruining the planet, quality of life, and future of humanity. We are made to think that our only purpose in this world is survival. We are forced to exhibit the most primitive behavior; be selfish, do everything you can to survive, destroy everyone else if you have to. We are not given a chance to stop and think for a minute, “is this normal?” “why are we acting like this?” “is this really the purpose of life?”

People who have reached to the bottom of all this mess, have very different behavior than less woke humans. What we need to understand is that we are being pitted against each other and it’s just a handful of people profiting from it.

Humans are bringing apocalypse on themselves. I mean when the planet will die, billionaires will die with it, until they have built an oasis for themselves on another planet. Billionaires and huge corporations are not going to change. They will keep on doing these unethical practices to make profit. It’s on us, the normal, regular beings, whose lives are being affected the most. We need to get our act straight, change our horrible habits, be a little less self-centered and work together to keep the corporations in check.


This is the only solution to this environmental crisis caused by humans. If we won’t start acting now, I don’t think in couple of decades we will have a planet to keep on manifesting our shitty behaviors on. Lastly, be more responsible and start thinking that our actions have consequences, if not on ourselves then on other humans.

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