Do your kids love rainbows as much as mine do? If so, you’re going to love this next discovery… Wooden rainbow toys! These uniquely crafted creations are not only fun to look at, but they also provide a great sensory experience for little ones. Plus, they’re made of all natural materials which makes them eco-friendly and safe for kids. Take a closer look at these amazing rainbow toys and see for yourself what the fuss is all about!

In the event that you need a genuinely adaptable toy which is both instructive and empowers inventive play you can’t go far amiss with a wooden rainbow toy. Sadly, they have recently been costly which is the reason we are so satisfied to present our fair exchange, carefully assembled wooden rainbow toys.

Our wooden rainbows are hand tailored by our WFTO guaranteed fair exchange accomplice Sri Lanka. We have banded together with a little wooden toy organization who use upcycled wood to make our toys. The way that the wood is upcycled makes our wooden rainbows both moral and reasonable. An incredible mix!

From the absolute first time we acquainted our wooden toys with our reaches the wooden rainbow toy has been the most famous of our plans. So for what reason are wooden rainbow toys so well known? This is on the grounds that they are delightful as well as are ideally suited for Open Play. Open finished play is the point at which a kid messes around without any directions or right or incorrect ways.

Where the kid designs the principles and size of play and where for the most part there is no particular result or results. We like to say that open play is 90% kid and just 10% toy. Open Play toys can be played with in various ways, and by offspring of any age which makes them incredible for sharing.

Rainbows are likewise an instructive toy actually, assisting small kids with understanding complex thoughts like size.

The following are a couple of thoughts we’ve had for playing with your wooden rainbow toy.

Creative mind – utilize your wooden rainbow like an adaptable and flexible dolls house or farmstead. By utilizing the loops to make various spaces you can support inventive play. We tracked down this picture on Pinterest yet you can be basically as unpredictable or straightforward as your youngster likes.

Instructive – Often by calling a toy instructive it is a speedy method for putting your youngster off playing with it! Anyway wooden rainbow toys are ideally suited for making sense of through play basic ideas as of all shapes and sizes and tones. Just by arranging the rainbow from littlest to biggest may not feel instructive yet is an extraordinary way for a kid to get sizes. Essentially, on the off chance that you make a circle and a half circle this is fundamental math!

Building and Balancing – just by building or adjusting you can assist your youngster with fostering their eye to hand coordination and fine coordinated abilities. A wooden rainbow can be sorted out and underlying an immense assortment of ways, a few basic and some harder, but since there is no set in stone manner to do it this urges youngsters to keep attempting. Again we tracked down this picture on Pinterest however it would be extraordinary to see structures your kid has made.


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