September 21, 2021

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Here is Why You Should Choose a Tool Bag over a Tool Box

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Tool Box

There are many different options available for you to choose what you want to store your tools in. such as a cabinet, a rolling toolbox, or the most convenient a tool bag. If you are a worker that travels a lot then a tool bag is the best option for you to store your tools in a well-organized manner. Facom tool bag is one of the highest quality bags that come at affordable prices and have huge storage space. Tool bags are easy to carry and reduce the probability of losing tools. We will mention a few advantages of tool bags over toolboxes.

Advantages over Tool Boxes

Both tool bags and toolboxes are convenient for storing your tools. But when it comes to traveling tool bags are preferred. 


Toolboxes are very heavy to carry especially when they are loaded with tools. The tools can also get mixed up in a tool box mainly depending upon the design of the toolbox. The handles of toolboxes are also very uncomfortable.

Compared to toolboxes, tool bags are very lightweight and easy to carry. Plus they have separate compartments so you can store all the tools well organized without losing or misplacing them. And if you are worried about the tool bags being torn because of heavy tools then do not worry because they are made of heavy-duty and durable canvas and can easily sustain heavy tools like Facom tool bags.

Storage Space

Some toolboxes have over latching compartments which makes it difficult to find the tools easily. While some toolboxes do not even have any compartments and those make it very hard to keep the tools well organized.

Tool bags on the other hand have separate pouches and compartments that help to keep the tools well organized. You can keep them vertically in the pouches and in this way they are to locate like in a Facom tool bag.


Many people are worried about the bags and their tools getting wet and the moisture damaging them. But with waterproof bag, this worry of yours no longer exists. With such bags, you can work even when it’s running without the worry of your tools getting damaged. 

Protecting Small Items

Most of the time you might have to store items in your tool bags that you cannot live without. Those are precious items that need extra protection, like your cellphone. There are padded areas in the tool bag that will help you store such items safely. Other than that you can clip items like key rings, water bottles, or your gloves from the D-ring which will give you easy access to them without having to reach out inside the bag. Facom tool bag is a high-quality tool bag that will protect such small items.

Sizes and Styles

Tool bags as compared to toolboxes come in a variety of different sizes and styles. You can choose which style and size suits your needs the most. There are many options to choose like a handheld tool bag with a shoulder strap, or a backpack. Facom tool bag is a preferred choice. 

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