Why You Should Consider Pet Insurance For Your Pup

Vet care is critical for your puppy as well as your older dogs. Even if you get an adult dog from a shelter that is already fixed, follow-up appointments will keep your dog healthier and happier. Additionally, you will want coverage if your dog is injured in an accident.

Buy Early to Keep Costs Down

The earlier you buy the policy, the lower your costs will be. The most affordable pet insurance is bought before you find out

  • any preexisting conditions
  • any chronic conditions

If you are buying a purebred and there is a risk of breed-specific conditions, getting a price for insurance established early can save quite a lot of money. Even a mixed breed can struggle with ear infections, bad hips, or other expensive challenges.

Many insurance policies cover holistic care, and may even have an allowance for some medications. If you have ever had to put off a vet visit because you were worried about your budget, this policy can save that worry.

Puppies Make Bad Chewing Choices

Puppies like to chew things, and often then swallow them. One foreign body surgery can cost more than a thousand dollars, so getting your puppy covered before they swallow something hard and plastic or eat a sock will save you cash in the future.

One of the big problems with this need to chew is that puppies can often chew up things that you overlook. This can include small rugs near sinks and in laundry rooms, electrical plugs, and plastic toys for children. If your dog does need this surgery, it will likely sneak up on them quickly. A pet insurance policy will give you confidence while you wait for your pup to recover.

Dogs Need Dental Care

If your pup gets all the way to adulthood without eating something that has to be surgically removed, they will still need dental care in adulthood. This means an anesthetic so the caregiver can clean off the tartar. To make sure that your pup does not have to wait for the infection to set in or for teeth to break off without breaking your bank, getting preventive dental care covered is reason enough for a pet insurance policy.

Your dog will continue to eat if their teeth hurt. However, leaving their teeth covered in tartar can lead to

  • cardiac problems
  • diabetes complications
  • pain that you cannot see

For example, you may notice an older dog sleeping more and think it is just age. However, being in pain is tiring. Getting those teeth cleaned can give your favorite pooch a new lease on life!

Older Dogs Need Comfort

Like people, dogs age and start to have joint problems. A common challenge in older dogs is damage to the cruciate ligament, which holds the knee together. Even if your dog is healthy and not overweight, it can suffer a partial or complete tear of this crucial connective tissue.

To make sure that your dog will have the necessary coverage for such a surgery, getting insurance early is critical. Many policies require owners to have the coverage in place for 12 months before this treatment is covered.

Like a lot of insurance coverage, pet insurance is one of those coverages that you hope to never need. However, puppies chew up dangerous things, adult dogs need dental care and older dogs can have joint problems. Buying a policy early and paying it upfront each year can save you a lot of worry and stress. From a mixed stray that comes home from the shelter to the purebred you buy from the breeder, we love our dogs. Get insurance early to protect your peace of mind and your dog’s health.