The Window Herb Planter Your Home Needs

Fresh herbs are the most beautiful addition to any dish, either sweet or savory. You can really get creative with the types of herbs and combinations you use. Herbs are great to fancy up any meals or even drinks! If you like to host and prepare your own meals for parties, adding fresh herbs to your dishes can add the wow factor that your friends or guests won’t expect. 

For the avid herb lover, growing your own herbs may be a relaxing and rewarding hobby that gifts you with delicious and beautiful herbs to use in whatever way you want! The only issue with having your own herb garden is that you may not be able to grow them in the colder months. This may also come as an issue for anyone who lives in an apartment or doesn’t have a yard of their own. 

If you’re into cooking Italian food, growing your own basil will add the extra oomph to all of your pasta dishes. Let’s say you like to experiment with your own fancy cocktails, growing rosemary or thyme could further enhance your mixology creations. 

To avoid any of these issues, you should consider starting your own indoor herb garden! The easiest way to achieve this is by using a window herb planter, so your precious herbs can soak in the sun all day long! This way, no matter what season you are in or what living situation you have, you can satisfy your green thumb with window gardening!

Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a great way to fill the void of being unable to garden outdoors. Whatever you decide to grow, especially herbs, the plants will actually thrive more indoors than they would outdoors. You are able to be in control of your plants being indoors by controlling the temperature, amount of sunlight they get, and the elements of which your plants will endure. 

Additionally, your herb gardens won’t be susceptible to any annoying and destructive pests that could ruin your precious plants.

Plants and herbs are very beneficial inside the home because they also double as air purifiers. These beautiful plants create chemical energy and therefore perform photosynthesis, which takes carbon dioxide out of the air, then produces oxygen. It’s pretty cool that plants act as a natural air purifier. Plus, by adorning your home with indoor planters and herb garden planters, your house will now look attractive and aesthetically pleasing. 

Growing herbs inside your home can be pretty cool. Especially with the diverse choice of planters available on the market. They can come in a variety of different colors, shapes, functionalities, and materials. For a beginner, you might want to opt for a simple planter with a drainage tray to catch any excess water. For a more advanced herb planter, try spicing up your home with copper or nickel planters to further vamp up the way you garden.

Find all you need to create the perfect indoor window garden at H Potter. There you will have a wide array of all your gardening, planting, and outdoor decorative items to choose from. No matter what your style or what decor you already have in your home, you will be able to find window herb planters that will match your style and aesthetic to further enhance your living space. 

H Potter also sells garden kits, so even the most novice gardeners can start somewhere! Visit their website at or give them a call at 208-640-4206 for more information on gardening, gardening accessories, or any else regarding plants.

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