Best windows monitoring software in 2021

Do you want to get your hands on the best windows monitoring software in 2021?  Well! You are reading valuable information. Lucky, don’t you! you have plenty of windows devices under your radar because you are a business executive.  Do you answerable to your business owner about cyber security, productivity, and preventing employees’ illegal activities. Today, we introduce windows tracking application that is best in the business.

Let’s discuss the best windows tracking software that is best in the business and have become a trademark over the years to monitor and track laptop and desktop device for legitimate activities. Before we discuss the usages, we describe the application in the following. 

What is Windows monitoring app? 

It is an application that you can install on your laptop and desktop devices. It works secretly on your target computer device running with the Windows OS. You can use it for several legitimate activities like you can use it for the digital well-being of your kids to protect them from following.

  • Online dating 
  • Access to adult websites 
  • Online predators 
  • Sharing privacy 
  • Social media addiction 

Moreover, business-owned devices full of confidential data and rouge employees can breach business data to the third party. You can protect business data on windows from breaches. Users can also use it to keep tabs on employees during working hours. However, windows spy software can do the following things for business professionals.

  • To prevent goldbricking activities of employees 
  • To create data backup for business data  
  • To record live windows screen 
  • To measure business productivity 
  • To prevent employees from workplace harassment 

However, the windows spying app is easy to install and use on the target desktop device. It works secretly and lets you know about every activity employees have performed on a business-owned device to the fullest. Let’s get to know how to use the best windows monitoring app on the target device for digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes.

How windows tracking app works? 

Do you want to spy on your kids for digital wellbeing? Are you suspicious about your employee’s activities during working hours? Now you can do surveillance on the digital devices running with the Windows OS. Let’s describe the legitimate steps to get your hands on the most powerful monitoring app for PCs.

Step1: Subscribe to PC monitoring software

You need to visit the TheOneSpy computer monitoring application using your phone or PC’s web browser. Once you are on the web, you need to get a subscription to the windows monitoring app. You will receive credentials through an email sent to you on your device.

Step2: Get physical access to the target laptop device

You can access email and get the credentials and get physical access on your target laptop desktop device. Further, start the installation process. Moreover, get physical access to the target device and start the installation process. You need to end up with the installation and activate it on the target device.

Step3: Use an online dashboard to activate features

You can use the password and ID and access the web control panel, and get your hands on the most advanced spying tools to the fullest. 

Windows monitoring app features you need to know 

Here are the following features you need to get your hands on for business safety and to keep tabs on your kids. 

Block websites

Users can block websites on the target device that are inappropriate using URLs into the filters. It will block all the inappropriate websites.

Record live screen

Users can record live windows screens using the screen recording app. It empowers you to record back-to-back videos of the PC’s screen and send the data to the dashboard.

Computer camera spy

You can take over the PC’s camera to know what employees are doing in front of windows laptops and desktop devices.


Users can monitor and record applied keystrokes on windows PCs with schedules, like passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

View installed apps

Users can view installed applications with names on target windows laptops and desktop devices.

On-demand screenshots

End users can schedule screenshots using the windows monitoring app and capture back-to-back screenshots.


TheOneSpy is the best windows monitoring tool that is best for tracking kid’s online activities and keep tabs on employees to the fullest.