Why Are Wireless Home Security Cameras So Popular?

Wireless home security cameras make use of your Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to the modem or router. They also use the same connectivity to connect to the centre of your home security system, if you are using other such devices as well. There are wireless GPS cameras that use a power cord to draw power from a power source. While installing the camera, it is important to make sure that there is a power source nearby. Else it would be a problem for you to supply the required power to the camera. You may even have to use an extension cord if there is no power source close to where you have installed the camera. So to save yourself this extra work, install the camera at a location that has an easily accessible power socket. 

There are other GPS home cameras for home as well that run on batteries. But the problem with these cameras is that you will have to recharge the batteries time and again or keep spare batteries ready to ensure that the camera continues to work non-stop no matter what. These cameras are usually not able to run 24/7. This is due to the time used in recharging or replacing batteries. 

Wireless cameras, no matter how many of these you are using at home, will all connect to your router or modem through Wi-Fi connectivity. There are some cameras that use Bluetooth as well but this only to connect with your mobile device, such as tablet or smartphone, during setup. So this is not a very important feature to have. 

Internet connection, whether Wi-Fi or any other is very important for not only sending the recorded videos to the cloud in real-time but also ensuring that the user doesn’t find any trouble in accessing live video streaming of their home from different angles. Also, if there are multiple cameras installed, you can view all their live streaming on a single screen. But for that, you need to buy the right camera. This is just one of the things that makes internet a very important requirement for the proper functioning of a home camera. 

However, for using cloud storage, you will be required to buy a subscription. You can subscribe to the cloud on a monthly basis or yearly basis. The charges for cloud subscription are usually quite nominal. But the benefits of using cloud storage go way beyond the amount of money you spend on buying its subscription. 

Another thing that makes wireless cameras better is that they help you stay in touch with your home no matter where you are. When your camera is connected to the internet through wireless connection, you will never have to lose sight of your home. You can see whatever is happening inside your house at all times. Whether it is night or day, you can monitor the happenings without having to worry about anything as these cameras come with night vision feature as well. 

Also, some of these GPS cameras come with voice talkback feature that also works only when your camera is connected to the internet. With this feature, you can speak to your family at home whenever you want. You can ask them how they are doing or whether there is something urgent that they want you to attend to. You can also talk to your house help or babysitter or caregiver and tell them what they are doing wrong and how you want them to do things. 

For a wireless camera to function properly and to its best of capabilities, it should be connected to strong Wi-Fi network. A dwindling network won’t help the camera’s cause of providing 24/7 protection to your home. Also, if you are thinking of installing multiple GPS cameras at different locations in your home, you need to make sure that you are using high-speed internet. You need to understand that a next-gen wireless cameras uses more data than you can imagine. So if the internet connectivity is not consistent or if other device are interfering, you may have distorted images or the camera going offline without your knowing about it. 

If you want to put your wireless camera to best use, you need to connect it to a high-speed Wi-Fi network that will consistently supply it internet at all times. If you Wi-Fi goes down for some reason or the other, your home security camera will not be able to work to the levels it is supposed to. Some of the features will not work at all. 

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