5 Women’s Day Celebration Ideas To Celebrate Virtually This Day For Office

Women's day celebration

International Women’s Day is nearing and it’s the right time to do something special for your women. If you’re looking for ideas for the Women’s Day celebration, you’re in the right place.

Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year and this day is celebrated for the achievements of women in their respective fields. Not only in the corporate world, but women are also the strength of every man. She’s a lovely mom, supportive girlfriend, a funny friend, a caring sister, a wonderful wife, and other things like that. She is a woman who handles everything and works for 365 days without any break.

Delshater salutes all those women who add more joy, love, and purity to life. Take a look at the top best Women’s Day celebration ideas to surprise her uniquely. Plan right now and make her feel special with these thoughts of women’s day celebrations that your lady will fall in love with.

Plan Party

It’s a good idea to have fun with your co-workers. Host a corporate party to recognize the achievements of women employees and educate everyone to support gender equality. Order food online or plan a party at a nearby place. Choosing you has to…!!

Give Gifts

Gifts are the best way to present your feelings and yourself. So this International Women’s Day buy corporate gifts for strong women who manage everything with a big smile. Buy chocolates, bouquets, diaries, jewelry, photo frames, desk calendars, personalized pens, and more.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

A purse scavenger hunt is a great game to play on Women’s Day in the office. Make a list of common items found in women’s handbags like lipsticks, hairpins, hairbands, bills, hand creams, hand sanitizers, etc. Divide all the women in the office into 3 or 4 member teams. Now give them a pen and paper and start naming the items from your list and ask the members to find all the items and arrange them on the table. The team with the most items wins the game.

Women’s Day Bingo

Getting to know your co-workers better is a great game to play on Women’s Day in the women’s-centric bingo office. Create a bingo card that has signs and hints about someone special in the office such as an experienced or fitness enthusiast or a cat person etc. Hand over these bingo cards to all your office colleagues and ask them to guess who that person is and collect their signatures to create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line across the board to win.

Name the Dame

Make a list of famous quotes from famous women, including Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe. Read the quotes in front of all your guests and let them guess who said what. The one who gives the maximum correct answer wins the game!


So, make this IWD special not only for yourself but for all the brave women around you. Follow the ideas mentioned above and make it most meaningful this time. You have success!