Working in the Comfort Zone – Tips For Organizing a Home Office

It is believed that focusing on work is more difficult at home. Either the sofa will lure you to sit on it, or the bed will make you lie down. We tell how to properly organize a home office so as not to lose concentration and at the same time create anti-stress conditions for work.

If there is no separate room

If the living space does not have such luxury as a separate office, you can organize a workplace in the bedroom or living room. Functional zoning will come to the rescue. A sense of privacy will provide a decorative partition or shelving. An open bookcase will not clutter up the interior visually and at the same time can be used for its intended purpose: it will house books, folders with working documents, decor and the office you need.

In order to save usable space and visual space, you can abandon a full desktop in favor of a mobile console.

The creative option is to turn the windowsill into a counter-top. A fairly popular solution is to organize a workplace on the loggia, where good access to daylight and fresh air will contribute to productivity.

Organization of space

Your desktop can be anything: solid from solid wood or minimalist hanging, standard office or rare vintage. The main thing is that the working surface is suitable for you, in the literal sense of the word – for the comfort of your back, the height of the counter-top should correspond to your height.

If several family members of different heights use the desktop at once, a chair with an adjustable height will solve the problem.

In order not to litter the workplace, organize the space. In the drawers you can hide work papers, offices and even charging “stations” for gadgets.

Documents and useful little things can be entered into the interior by placing them on open shelves in folders, decorative boxes, baskets and even glass jars.

A convenient solution is wall holders, organizers, cork and magnetic boards, with which you can place important notes, a calendar, family photos, motivational posters and postcards above the workplace.

Proponents of minimalism can hide all unnecessary things behind the furniture facades of closed storage systems, including printers, scanners and other equipment. The most concise look cabinets without fittings, which can be “masked” by the color of the walls.

Antistress environment 

The strict ascetic look of your work office is not a role model at all. At home, you can afford an anti-stress environment. The optimal solution will be shades, materials and decor, evoking associations with wildlife.

Natural color will be added to the home office by living plants, macramé fashionable this season, wicker baskets, natural wood and cork.

Rest for the eyes will be anti-stress blue color, cool mint shade, “sea” and “forest” tones.

They can be used on a large scale – as the main color of the walls or fragmentary – to decorate the wall in front of the desktop with paint or wallpaper.

If the room suffers from a lack of natural light, you should give preference to a neutral light finish or a warm natural scenario: sand and sunny shades.

Work at home with comfort and pleasure, take care of yourself.

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