A Wrestler As Real As He Is On TV

Ray Mirra is a famous character in the world of professional wrestling. He is a long-time wrestler with the WWE and Ray Mirra also spent time in TNA and WCW. He was the top star in his company, but his departure from WWE made him a star in the eyes of many. He is a huge star in pro wrestling, but what kind of impact does he have on the wrestling fans?

Many fans would say that Ray’s popularity stems from his role as a sports personality. He’s been featured in TNA many times, and has had popular feuds with his former rivals, but he has also been known to do charity matches and donate part of the pay-per-view earnings to his favorite charities. A lot of people enjoy seeing Ray work because his character is great and believable. People can root for Ray regardless of whether he is wrestling or not, as long as he is doing the right thing.

Actual Role

Ray’s actual role in the WWE though is slightly smaller than that of other wrestlers. Ray Mirra works backstage and does locker room work. He doesn’t actually wrestle, but rather works to help other wrestlers by giving them tips on how to perform better. He may be just a small part of the main event scene, but Ray is still a very important part of the WWE.

Many wrestling fans consider Ray as being one of the best wrestlers of all-time. He has a unique role on the big stage, which helps him to be even more popular with his audience. Many fans consider him to be a star in their own show, instead of just another wrestler. He’s not just seen as a good wrestler though, he’s also become a huge star with movie stars, and even some musicians have said that they have wished to get into wrestling. This has helped him to gain even more fans.

The other thing that makes Ray Mirra a very popular wrestling personality is that he has a great sense of humor. People love his deadpan style, his sneering nature, and his genuine kindness. He has become known as a genuine “big guy” who can take a punch, but still has the ability to laugh at himself in the ring. There aren’t many sports personalities who can do that well. This has made Ray Mirra one of the most popular stars in the company today.


Ray Mirra has also gained a lot of popularity because he is also a very generous person. He openly tells his fans that he gives them everything that they ask for. Many fans have also said that he gives them tickets to his own shows, as well as money to go watch him. He even gave an interview on a sports talk radio show where he was asked about his philanthropic efforts, and what he has done to aid other people in his community. He was very open and honest in his answers, which fans really appreciated.

Ray Mirra is most popular as an wrestler, but he is a very skilled actor and has had a wide range of roles in movies. Some of his best roles have been parts in movies like The Breakfast Club, Awakenings, and We Are Marshall. His acting prowess has also earned him a role in the TV show Seinfeld, as a series’ wide-eyed clerk named George. In addition to being a good actor, Ray has also shown some skill as a martial arts expert, playing a part in the award winning Kung Fu movie Hard Knocks with Jeff Daniels. Ray is also a very talented musician, having released a string of self-titled records that have been highly successful. These are usually his songs, and he has also had some small roles in movies, such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Awakenings.

Ray has definitely become one of the best wrestlers and performers that WWE has ever seen. He has set the standard for many of the stars that follow in his footsteps, and as long as he continues to work hard, he will continue to be a top star in the business. Whether he likes it or not, Ray has become the face of professional wrestling. By simply being himself, Ray has become a huge success.