How To Write A Winning Argumentative Essay Conclusion

It is not a good idea to start an essay without learning to draw a solid conclusion for an argumentative essay. Although writing an essay conclusion may seem like a simple assignment, it is the fundamental element of the essay writing process. In general, conclusions wrap up the discussion of your paper. It is also an opportunity to repeat the thesis statement. Students often think writing a conclusion is the easiest part of writing essays. However, most people would agree that finishing an essay is more challenging than starting it. In this post, you will learn to write an effective conclusion and make your essay attractive to readers. Assignmentmavens reviews provides best academic writing services in USA.

Step #1: Review the Main Points 

The conclusion is the final section in which you try to convince the reader of your ideas. Therefore, it is essential that you first list both the main points of your argument and the best-supporting arguments.

The main points of your essay’s argument should be as follows:

  • Go through your thesis statement again: If you have prepared a three-part thesis statement, your thesis may already state your main points.
  • Go over each body paragraph’s topic sentence again: Each paragraph’s key sentence should set the focus of the body paragraph. You can find essential points by studying the topic sentences you have covered.
  • Mark a reverse outline: Try a reverse essay outline to acquire a complete picture of your article if you want to be more detailed about evaluating the essential ideas.

After determining your main points, choose the arguments you will emphasize in your conclusion.

You may want to draw attention to any or all of your strong points. Remember, you may need to summarize your main ideas in your conclusion. Therefore, read the assignment criteria before you start writing a conclusion. Decide the points you will emphasize, then begin to draw your conclusion.

Step #2: Body Paragraphs for Conclusion

Readers should recognize that your article concludes when they reach the last paragraph. You don’t want them to sit there wondering if you forgot to include the final body paragraph.

As a result, you should make it clear to the reader that the body paragraphs of your essay are ending before moving to the conclusion. After choosing an appropriate transition word or phrase, use a few lines of your conclusion to highlight the main points of your essay.

It is critical to understand that your conclusion must restate your thesis statement. While you should restate concepts in your paper, you certainly shouldn’t just restate them. Therefore, in other words, don’t just change a few sentences in your essay. Always emphasize the importance of your ideas while summarizing the main points of your work. 

Step #3: Personalized Conclusion

Your essay’s goal is persuading your readers, so keep this in mind when you write your conclusion. What more suitable way to convince your readers than to address them personally?

It does not mean talking to your readers in the first person; stick to the third person instead. You can challenge your readers to take action or show them what could happen if they don’t.

This tactic keeps the readers interested but also makes them consider the importance of your claims.

Step 4: Edit and Proofread

With your winning argumentative essay conclusion, you can now focus on finishing your essay.

As you rewrite and edit your draft, ensure it meets all the criteria for a great argumentative essay. If you want to make your conclusion strong, follow the below argumentative essay writing tips:

  • Hopefully, you provide enough information to your readers in your article. Therefore, offering new justifications or concepts in your conclusion is not a good idea.
  • Choose a short and direct statement to make a strong impression on your audience with your concluding paragraph.
  • Do not use multiple quotations in the concluding paragraph of your essay. Extraneous material should be included in the body of the paper.
  • When concluding, be authentic. To make a solid first impression, you must be sure and convincing. 

An Example of Writing a Convincing Conclusion

Our thorough examination of rising global temperatures revealed that the world cannot continue on this path. Many species are threatened with extinction. Melting ice sheets will continue to erode coastlines, and arable land will become unavailable. To secure the future of our world, we must embrace renewable energy solutions.

The conclusion of your essay demonstrates your writing skills. Even if you now understand how to create an argumentative essay conclusion, it does not guarantee that you can accomplish it quickly. Giving your reader something to think about should be the focus of writing any essay type. Check out the tips above to serve as style guides for an emphatic argumentative essay conclusion. For more info visit: