This 3 Yogasanas Help to Increase Flexibility and Strength

As your age increases, the flexibility of the body naturally starts to decrease. Several studies suggest that joint area flexibility may decrease by up to 50%. However, it should never be late to make changes that help to improve your strength and flexibility. Regular stretching and mobility training can help you increase your strength.

Whatever your age, whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, or 60s, there is always hope for you. It depends on when you start it. Early you start, early you get results. 

Yoga is a remedy that is beneficial for people of all age groups. Children 4 or 5 years old, adult or senior, yoga is for everyone. It can help to improve the strength and flexibility of the body and, as it is important, as we age, we take measures to increase the strength and flexibility of the body. Just like all other benefits of yoga, it is also helpful to maintain the flexibility of the overall body and joints too. Yogasanas are always suitable for every age as I said before. So start it early as you can get desirable results from it. 

Yoga Guru Sanjeev is telling here some basic and intermediate level yoga asanas combination which you should practice regularly. You hold each asana for 30 seconds and repeat for 3 sets. Let’s know which these yoga asanas-are

1. Padma Bhujangasana (Padmabhujangasana)

How to do?

  • Sit in half-padmasana and place your right foot on top of the left thigh.
  • Move your leg (left) and keep it on your thigh (right).
  • Bring your feet near your hips.
  • Lift the body to lie on your stomach.
  • Take a breath and raise your head and shoulders as high as you can.
  • Exhale and return to normal posture.
  • Repeat this asana 3 times for 30 seconds.
  • Precautions, If you have a knee or ankle injury, avoid doing this asana.
  • Padmasana is an intermediate posture that requires the supervision of a trainer. Please do this only under the guidance of a yoga trainer.

2. Janushirshasana (Janushirshasana)

How to do?

  • Start with Dandasana.
  • Twist your right leg in a manner that makes a 90-degree angle from the knee.
  • Spread your arms forward and keep your waist straight.
  • While exhaling, bend forward from the hip and place your upper body on your left leg.
  • Bring your arms down and hold your toe with your fingers.
  • Apply some efforts to join your knees with the nose.
  • Repeat this asana on the other side of the body.
  • Practice this for up to 3 sets.

3. Locust Pose

How to do?

  • Lie flat on the ground and keep your palms inside the thighs.
  • Take a full breath (supplement), hold your breath (Kumbhak) and then raise both your legs up.
  • Keep in mind that your knees are stable and feet together.
  • Keep your chin or forehead on the ground.
  • Stay in this posture for 10 seconds. Keep exhaling and put your feet down.
  • Repeat this again.
  • When it comes to fitness, it can be different for everyone and depends on different factors such as your weight, physical fitness level, exercise history, any kind of injury or wounds, etc. The more you practice, the more your body will become stronger and open.

Some people start seeing changes within a few weeks of practicing yoga, while some others may take longer because it can be different for everyone. Whatever your goal is- be positive and regular. Make a schedule to practice this yoga asana daily. Only then you will get desirable results.

If you would like to learn more about yoga and meditation you can join yoga school in Rishikesh, this will help you incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily life and help you gain all the benefits that yoga and meditation have to offer.

Precaution: It is always safe to take precaution before doing any task, the same thing is applied doing such yoga practices. It is advisable that if you are suffering from any injury or disease like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or arthritis, then first consult your doctor. And it is better to practice yoga under the guidance of a yoga teacher or trainer.


Although, yoga has been proved very effective to treat many types of problems like stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, and many more. Yoga is equally effective to treat muscle strength and flexibility too. I hope you will definitely try these yoga asanas to keep yourself fit and healthy for your whole life. And you will get desirable results from it. 

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