6 Ultra-Modern Features of Uber Clone App In Brazil

With competition becoming strong and roads getting congested day by day, entrepreneurs must take up the opportunity to start a taxi business! But, before you start the business and launch a taxi app, look closely at the features that other competitors are providing through their Uber Clone App In Brazil.

This blog will help you understand about 6 exceptional features that you as a taxi startup can add to your app like Uber and facilitate better customer service.

Remember, the app must be integrated with numerous ultra-modern features so that you can boost your business further. 

By adding the right features into your app and constantly upgrading them as per customers’ changing demands, you can surely run your taxi business smoothly.

Brief Explaining – Uber Clone Application

Simply said, an Uber clone app uses a clone script to produce a new app that functions like Uber. In order to save time and money on developing their own software from scratch, ride sharing entrepreneurs and taxi companies that want to offer a ride sharing service typically purchase an Uber clone app from third-party app developers. They then simply modify the clone script to suit their own needs. However, this “jumpstart” approach frequently leads to unforeseen costs and time-consuming difficulties, both in the short and long terms.

Uber clone applications are utilised by a variety of on-demand businesses, including same-day service platforms and food delivery, while being primarily identified with the ridesharing sector.

Uber Clone App: Automate & Grow Your Taxi Business

Because it was developed utilising cutting-edge technologies capable of satisfying the changing needs of both consumers and the transportation industry, the taxi ride-hailing app from V3Cube is a smart choice.

If you’re still having trouble, come attend a demo to see the newest features and functionality in action and how they can help you overcome common business problems. The app also offers compatibility for numerous languages and currencies. As a result, you can launch an on-demand taxi booking business in the local language and using local money, such as US dollars.

Key features of the Uber Clone App

Login using Face ID and Fingerprint:  

This feature is one of the most advanced features of the Uber Clone App In Brazil. This feature allows its riders to log in through the inbuilt Face ID and Fingerprint options. 

With this feature, the user does not need to remember their username and password. 

Multiple credit card management: 

This app feature helps the rider to add or remove multiple credit cards as per their convenience for making online payments. 

They can choose one of many cards and set them as ‘default’ to make payments much more easy and quick. 

Check real-time location:  

Through this innovative feature, users will be able to easily track the real location and direction of the driver.  

This feature helps users see whether the driver has moved from a specific area to the pickup location or not.  

Video Call option: 

This is another important feature of the taxi booking app. Using this feature, both passengers and taxi drivers can video call each other. 

The video call option can be seen when the user or driver clicks on the ‘phone’ icon on the screen. This feature is an addition to the in-app voice call and chat facility. 

Block Fraud Riders/Drivers: 

This is one of the most valuable features that allow the app admins to see and know drivers who frequently cancel trips. 

Therefore, with the help of this feature, the admin can block the driver and take necessary action against them. 

Book a ride for someone else: 

This is another excellent feature of the Uber Clone App In Brazil. This app feature will let your users book a ride for someone else from their device. Following booking confirmation, the individual will receive an SMS with the taxi’s and driver’s details,  arrival time, and cost of the ride. 

The only difference in this ride is that a SMS with ride details is sent to the rider’s phone number. Otherwise, the rest of the ride can be easily tracked on the system and see the booking history of the driver’s app and user who booked it!

Benefits of Using an Uber Clone To Digitize Your Taxi Business

A wave of “uberification” is currently spreading through a number of industries, including pharma, cosmetics, food, etc., as a result of the advantages of the Uber app. Due to the rising demand of the taxi booking apps, businesses are starting to invest in on-demand taxi app solutions.

You have access to the following benefits if you own a taxi company:

• You may use the app to track all cabs using GPS and identify your driver.

• It’s easy to create a company idea, manage every system, and obtain data on system flow.

You get paid a fee for every ride, so recruit more drivers to increase neighbourhood traffic and strengthen your reputation.

Final Thoughts

This blog highlights 6 top features of the Uber Clone App In Brazil which are a must-have for entrepreneurs who want to grow their taxi app business. However,  developing an app like Uber is not an easy task. 

You need to do a lot of things when developing and launching a mobile app. It can be really hard and frustrating at times! But, with V3Cube and its mature and rigorously market-tested pre-built taxi booking app, you can easily get what you really want for your business.