8 Tips For Designing Super Creative Booklets

Marketing your product or service is becoming expensive. Especially when you opt to digitally market your product, it requires a significant budget. And then you start exploring inexpensive marketing channels.

One of the oldest, still widely used, options to promote your product or service is through booklets. Your only expense will be getting your booklets printed, and then you can distribute them yourself.

But for that, you must have a booklet design ready. And then you can approach a printing service in Dubai to proceed ahead with the printing and distribution of those.

So, how do you design an awesome booklet for your business? Here’s your step by step guide:

  1. Choose a Tool to Design Your Booklet

Of course, you can’t design a booklet on Microsoft Paint. You need a feature-rich designing tool to implement your ideas with perfection. 

Fortunately, there are some free tools available to get the job done. You can also try the paid ones if you have subscribed to a paid design tool.

We recommend Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and Microsoft Publisher for this work. However, you can try any other tool if you have worked on it before and you find it convenient.

If you are a graphic designer yourself, designing a booklet won’t be a big deal for you. And if not, you can try built-in booklet templates available in the above-mentioned tools.

You can even use Microsoft Word for designing your booklet.

  • Do Some Research…

If you find yourself short of ideas, there’s no better place than the internet to find some inspiration. For example, if you are creating a booklet for your food business, search for similar booklets online.

Analyze those booklets. Explore the social media of famous brands of your industry. You will find plenty of ideas related to text, images, and the overall design of your booklet.

You may have got dozens of booklets in your home, and you find them quite impressive. But remember, you want to be creative and unique. Traditional stuff rarely gets any attention. Sky’s the limit.

  • Use Color Psychology

And when we talk about design, any kind of design, we can’t ignore the impact of colors. Have you read about color psychology before?

Some colors are bound to invoke fear in our minds while some are associated with energy, trust, and wealth.

Use colors in your booklet intelligently; colors that are commonly associated with your industry.

For example, if your booklet is about global warming or protecting nature, green will be the primary color in your booklet.

Likewise, if you are a fitness trainer or nutritionist, the blue color will dominate your design. Read color psychology so you can decide where to use which color.

  • Know Your Customers

Know your customer. While designing your booklet, you must know for whom you are designing; gender, age, habits, etc.

A booklet designed for a service or product mostly used by adults will be much different from a booklet designed for children.

Do some customer research so you can learn what kind of design and content your customers like more. You can also check out your competitor’s booklet to save time.

  • Be Unique, Be Creative

Don’t end up copying someone else’s booklet design completely. Even if that brand is not active in your region, don’t do that.

It will leave a bad impact if someone finds out about you stealing another brand’s design and raises questions over your credibility.

However, it’s OK if you buy someone’s idea, modify it, and turn it into something unique and creative.

  • Use the Power of Words

Words can make or break your marketing campaign. Imagine someone reading your booklet, greatly impressed by the word choice, and convinced to use your product or services. Mission accomplished!

Give special importance to copywriting. If you are not sure about your copywriting skills, hire a professional copywriter. Use shorter sentences and jargon related to your industry.

Don’t exaggerate about your product or service. Don’t make promises that you can’t fulfill.

  • Add a Call to Action

And don’t forget to close. After all, your booklet is like a sales pitch. What if your prospect is ready to convert, but there are no instructions written on how to?

Be clear about your call to action. What do you want the reader to do? Pick up their phone to order a pizza from your pizza shop, or visit your outlet to check the quality of clothes you sell, or it could be anything.

  • Use High-Quality paper

And last but not least, choose a reliable printing service to print your booklets. Make sure the papers they use are of high quality. A flimsy booklet is equivalent to a weak handshake. It will leave a bad first impression.

Though quality printing services can be expensive, and you may be tempted to use an inexpensive service provider, it will bring a better ROI in the longer run.


A professional, well-designed booklet can do wonders for your business. Make sure you invest time and resources in brochure designing and printing to make your business stand out in your industry.