Best External Storages

To have the best external storage devices or SSDs is a significant point for a computer user.  They not only offer great storage space but when you are running out of time on your pc then they also work as an essential part of backup. Having the best storage drives you can easily save data either in PSD files or RAW images.

The devices that we will discuss now can be plugged directly into your device through USB. Providing instant opportunity of storing without even opening your pc components. In recent times, external hard drives are offering startling speed and for this, thanks to connection of USB-C and SSD.

Following are the best external drives that improve the performance of your pc.

Western Digital My Passport 4TB

When it comes to the highest performing external hard drives, then you don’t need to look at anywhere. Because The Western Digital My Passport has launched, and is coming 1TB-4TB memory space. WD passport 4TB even delivers the service of SSD and also performs with extraordinary versions. Moreover, these storage devices feature 256-AES encryption and storage on cloud along with the backup system.  

Western Digital Passport also deals with good transfer speed. It has the capacity to hit a remarkable balance between capacity of data storage and rapid file transfer.  It all offers these incredible facilities that are more than its price range.  

Samsung Portable SSD T5

The Samsung Portable SSD T5 is a great external device. It can perform with a high speed of 550MB/sec giving the best specifications on USB 3.1. It can easily be plugged into a PC without any support and for Macs you can use either USB-A or USB-C. It has no moving parts, therefore it can work even it gets dropped on the ground. It is more known because of its unbelievable speed that’s why it enables the user to save images and documents with high format. With that all it doesn’t drop its performance.

Furthermore, it also gives a decent backup capacity. A small issue regarding it is its price. But with a high price, providing a high featured facility is not a point of losing something. But it is so, then you can keep it for the specific conditions when you especially need high class performance.

Adata SD700 External SSD

The Adata SD700 is the best choice for the customer that is searching for a plentiful capacity in SSD at a budget price.  It performs superbly incredible but it only remains a solid state drive. We know that it is IP68 rated therefore, it can even work with dust, sand and dirt on its surface. Another point that makes it separate from others is its water resistant quality. Not only this, it provides a great speed as compared to its mid-range price.

A traditional spinner is present in Adata SD700 storage drive, so because of that you will receive a decent transfer pace as well. Since, it is used as an SSD so it doesn’t mean that it won’t offer a good storage capacity. Without any doubt it comes up with a good storing feature that is 1TB according to its price label.


External storage devices are substantial part of a constant computer user. It is extremely good source of data backup.  If you have an external storage drive, then you don’t need to carry a laptop or any device with yourself. It can keep your valuable data in kind of format. But the issue people face mostly is about good performance and high price as well.  For that, we have discussed best external storage devices that can perform well within a limited price. Hope that this will help you out while purchasing high quality storage devices.