8 Vastu Shastra Remedies for Insomnia & Bad Dreams in Your House

Nightmares, sleeplessness, or lucid dreams are some common aspects of sleeping problems that most people go through every now and then. People often confuse bad dreams or continual trouble in sleeping with unhealthy eating habits or a prolonged load of stress. Interestingly, it’s not what you ate last night diving you into the well of terrifying nightmares and sleeping issues.

Some of these problems are bound with the Vastu arrangement of your house, and especially the bedroom. Certain things in your interior along with your sleeping habits and patterns categorically affect your resting time. Besides, the directional specification is also a crucial element of leading a fuss-free life in a residential setting as per the generic norms of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

The best Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR contemplates connecting every sleeping problem with psychology may not always provide the answers we seek. In fact, most of these problems can go away in the initial phase if you consider a few Vastu changes around yourself. Some of those Vastu tips that can help you sleep better at night are explained below:

  • In the realm of Vastu Shastra, North represents activity & progress. It simply means that one should never sleep facing the north direction as it leads to a lack of sleep. Even those cozy eye pads and soothing lullabies can’t prevent insomnia caused by the dynamic impact of the north direction. You will always end up feeling irritated and unrested when you wake up. Switch your mattress towards the south direction to see results.
  • Sometimes, we feel like changing sides, eventually turning our head in the direction of the door, and that’s what often brings nightmares. The bedside pointing towards the door of the hallway or bathroom will always disturb your sleep. Avoid sleeping with your head facing the bedroom door, and bad dreams won’t scare you anymore.
  • If there is a light beam right above your bed, then you need to change the position of your bed in order to get some sleep. Keep your bedroom minimalistic and low-key to avoid negative energy and rest peacefully at the end of the day.
  • Everyone prefers to keep a water bottle or a jug near the nightstand to avoid running to the kitchen during midnight. But keeping the water pitcher in the southeast direction may result in insomnia, nightmares, and other issues. Vastu consultants in Delhi suggest that the bedroom shouldn’t have the ideal 90-degree walls. A little symmetry will help you balance the harmony inside the house.
  • The wooden furniture doesn’t have to be dark, especially if you already have a problem with bad dreams. Besides, the curtains, wall paint, and bedsheets with light colours can save the deal if you already have dark or leather furniture in your house.
  • Is there a window in your bedroom in the west direction? If so, you will need to keep it closed and probably covered with curtains because that is the primal source that lets the negativity in.
  • Keep your love for art outside the bedroom, and don’t hang any unexplained art inside a room you take rest in. Also, always keep the door of the bathroom closed because it significantly disrupts sleep.
  • Keep your room only for resting! If possible, don’t have a television, a coffee maker, heavy machinery, or any other irrelevant thing in your bedroom because it effectively disintegrates the peacefulness of the resting area.

If you don’t experience any relief from insomnia or nightmare, consulting professional help is always an option you can go for. You just need to find a reliable Vastu expert with profound knowledge of scientific Vastu. Only a certified Vastu Shastra consultant can offer genuine insights on your problem and recommend solutions.