10 Best Exercises for Women

Exercise is the ultimate goal to reveal stress and promote physical and mental health. Women who juggle between family and profession are often not able to give time to their health. But, paying attention towards physical health should start from a very early age. Otherwise, later you find it difficult to manage. For physical health, it’s not important to visit the gym regularly or going for a walk in the morning. Few amazing exercises at home can help to achieve the physical health goal.

Few salon treatments such as massage and hair spa relieve stress and give a healthy mind and body. For salon visits, book your appointment with the online salon booking app with the nearby salon. Here are some easy and basic top 10 exercises that help you to stay fit. These are easy to do by yourself, just make sure to understand it better. Read on.


Push up is a very common exercise among people. It’s very effective and pretty simple to do for women. Get into plank position, keep both the hands under your shoulder, stretch your legs and start with lowering your body until the chest touches the floor and get back to normal position. Repeat this process again and again. In the beginning, it seems difficult to perform a number of push-ups but gradually you will get used to it.

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Performing squats at home is also very easy to do and effective to tone up your thighs, hips and butts. Start with basic squat exercise. Keep your upper body that is shoulder and back straight, and wide your legs. Then start with taking your hips back and then bend your knees and sit back as you did. Come to the original position. Repeat this process as many times as you want. Take a rest in between and start again.


Plank exercise ensures that all the body performs. It improves abdominal health and strengthens muscles. Get down on the floor on your toes and elbows. Bent your elbows and under the shoulder. Keep your body straight and hold on to the position. Then get back to normal position and repeat. This ensures to tone up your body.

Leg raise

Leg raise is easy and one of the best exercises for abdominal health. You just have to lie straight on your back, keep your hands aside and palm down. Then raise your legs off the ground to keep your legs locked. Hold this position as long as you are comfortable, then get back to the normal position. Repeat this exercise again and again until you feel the body get toned.

Bridge posture

Bridge pose helps to relieve stress and tension and get relief from lower back pain. This is simple to do and effective as well. Lie down on the floor with your back straight. Keep your hands aside and palm down. Now, gradually lift your hip upward and hold on. Get back to the normal position. Repeat the process and get your muscles toned. This might bit difficult to do at first but after practice, you will get into it.

Jumping jacks

The most basic and easy exercise for warming up before starting the exercise. It increases stamina and gives flexibility to the body. Stand tall while keeping your feet together. Keep your hands straight aside. Start with jumping, and keep your arms above to the head and widen your feet.

Then reverse and get back to the standing position. Few minutes of jumping jack exercise keeps the blood circulation at a speed and loses your muscles. It burns calories and leaves a flexible and toned body with regular performance.

Hip movement

This exercise is simple to do and stretches the muscles that leave a toned and fit body. To begin, lie down on your back with straight back and legs. Keep your hands aside. Then push up one leg, looking straight and then pull it back. Now raise your other leg and do the same process. Get back to normal position and do it again. It improves hip muscles and flexibility of the body. 

Hands in and out

This exercise helps in the menstruation cycle and cures asthma. This is quite simple and good for the lungs. Stand straight and stretch your both arms with a joined plan towards the shoulder level. Spread your arms while inhaling till they form a line at the shoulder level. Get back to the normal position while exhaling and repeat the process. Do for 3-5 times at once.


For abs this exercise proves to be good. Lie on your back, flat feet on the floor and bend knees. Keep your feets apart. Keep your hands back of your head with pointy elbows on both sides. Bring your head slowly up and shoulder off the ground using your back. Go back to the normal position and repeat the process. Do it slowly while lifting your head and keep your back relax.

One leg stand

Balancing your whole body on one foot enhances the leg muscles. It keeps you focused, concentrated and helps fight anxiety and depression. Start with basic, shift your body weight on one foot and lift the other leg slightly from the floor. Pause until you can. Then do the same with the other leg. Repeat it as many times and not lean your body.


Keep your body and mind healthy and fit with these exercises daily. No tool is required, give only 30 minutes daily to your health. It’s never late to start improving your health. Feeling tired and exhausted can be overcome with these simple workouts.

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