Things You Should Know About Buying a Car Out-of-State

buying car out-of-state

There are many advantages to purchasing a new vehicle across state lines, not the least of which is the improved inventory pool. Although it may not occur to car shoppers to look for vehicles in neighboring states, doing so comes with many great benefits.

Greater Buying Pool

One of the greatest advantages of shopping for cars across state lines is the improved buying pool. Whether you have your mindset on an exact model or you’re just browsing, looking outside of your state improves the likelihood that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Thankfully, shopping for a new vehicle out of state is easier than ever. You might even consider using services such as Caroogo for online car buying in Canada. With such service, you can easily shop for your new ride with seamless ease.

The days of spending hours in car dealerships finding your new car and negotiating a deal are long gone. With online car shopping, you find exactly what you’re looking for at a price you’re comfortable with. Besides the wider selection of cars that shopping in multiple states affords you, doing so online allows you to streamline the process; negotiating, financing, and trading-in can all be done in one place.

Buying From Neighboring States

Browsing inventory in Canada’s neighboring states can put you in the driver’s seat of your new whip with ease. With 13 states bordering Canada, you’re in super proximity, only a short drive, to an abundance of neighboring car markets. Thankfully, both Canadian and US laws permit the sale and purchase of vehicles crossing the border. Again, this opens up inventory to purchasers and extends the reach of sellers.

Although purchasing a vehicle in Canada to bring to the US may necessitate an exchange rate, doing so is beneficial for a few reasons. For one, Canadian automobile regulations are harmonious with those in the US; therefore, cars imported to the US from Canada are inherently street-legal. Moreover, even though the import process requires a bit of hoop-jumping, the savings on purchasing a new car from Canada can be between 20% and 30%. Undoubtedly, shopping between the US and Canada is worth the effort.

Competitive Sales Prices

Speaking of saving money by shopping for cars out of state, the market value of vehicles from state to state varies greatly. Essentially, economical differences in the automotive markets of Canada and the US mean that depending on the current market valuation in the two countries it may be advantageous to purchase a vehicle in one country or the other at a given time. Carefully following market trends and a willingness to cross state lines for your new ride, can put you in the best position when it comes time to buy. Again, online car buying services make following the trends and securing your new ride simpler than ever.

Things to Consider

The advantages of purchasing a car, whether from a dealer or through a private sale, out of state are tenfold. However, there are a few, albeit manageable, hoops to jump through. For starters, you should always ascertain a vehicle history report to ensure the title is free of liens. Next, before purchasing an out-of-state vehicle, you should have a licensed and independent professional inspect the car; you wouldn’t want to travel in a car that’s not suitable for the road.

Once your new car passes these tests and you’ve purchased the vehicle, be sure to register it with your local department of motor vehicles; mind your state’s time limit for doing so. Lastly, ensure your vehicle is in accordance with your state’s regulations and pay any import taxes that your state may require. Although many of these steps are the same ones you’ll follow when buying a car locally, it’s wise to research the rules for doing so applicable to imported vehicles.


Finally, purchasing a vehicle from out of state has many benefits, not the least of which is the improved buying pool. Using convenient online car sales sites such as Carooga takes the legwork out of finding the exact model you’re looking for. As such, the days of settling for a car you can only find locally are over.